Friday, March 06, 2015

3/6 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

March 6, 2015
Manchester, England

The BDC came out and addressed their issues with Drew Galloway. Galloway cut a promo from the crowd and talked about standing up for pro wrestling, which led to an impromptu match between him and Kenny King. Great promos from the BDC and Galloway. I like this "Stand up for wrestling" message that Galloway is preaching. Involving those random fans was a nice touch as well.

Drew Galloway defeated Kenny King with the Future Shock DDT. It’s kind of weird that Galloway’s first match was more of a street fight than a wrestling match, but you can't deny that he made a hell of an impression with both his promo and victory in one segment. I’m excited for Galloway's future in TNA – this guy screams main event star, in my opinion.

Bobby Roode cut a promo about wanting to regain the TNA World Title and that no one will stand in his way. Kurt Angle and Eric Young came out and all three guys got into a brief scuffle. Short, simple teaser for the main event. After their amazing feud a little over a year ago, I'm looking forward to seeing Angle and Roode face each other again. Throw in the #1 contender stipulation and an unstable Eric Young, and this should be an awesome main event.

James Storm talked to Bram backstage and both guys complimented each other on taking out Jeff Hardy and Magnus. How about that? Two twisted characters with similar looks in the same segment. I would love to see these two work together someday.

Bram defeated Matt Hardy with the Brighter Side of Suffering (Impaler DDT). Bram was about to injure Hardy with a wrench, but Magnus attacked Bram and cut a very passionate promo saying Bram’s blood will spill over England. Oh my God, yes, this is the Magnus we need to see. That promo reminded me of his famous "This is England" promo from 2012, but with a personal flavor added. Should be cool to see their first match together in London next week or the week after.

Rockstar Spud called out EC3 and both guys agreed to a hair vs. hair match for next week in London. Spud said he's going to end Ethan's undefeated streak and shave his head bald. At last, we've reached the epic finale. From his Union Jack suit to his fighting spirit, Spud was so in his element for this promo. I love the buildup for the hair vs. hair match, plus the high stakes of either EC3 losing his streak or Spud being embarrassed in his home country. Kudos to Spud and EC3 for an excellent feud.

Taryn Terrell beat Awesome Kong by DQ to retain the Knockouts Championship. Kong went for the Implant Buster on the outside, but Gail Kim made the save and got into a brawl with Kong. I like the psychology of the fighting champion versus the dominant challenger. The match was okay while it lasted, plus Taryn finally has something to sink her teeth into, as opposed to defending her title against random challengers every other week. I also enjoyed seeing Gail and Kong go at it for old time's sake, though the cameras just cut away from it pretty quickly.

The Wolves defeated The Revolution to regain the Tag Team Championship when Eddie pinned Abyss after a Hammer of the Gods from Davey. Great, fast-paced match with the right finish. The Revolution had a decent old-school heel title reign, but I think we all knew that the Wolves were destined to carry the tag team division into the future. Davey and Eddie are so explosive, they're fun to watch. Now move Storm to the heavyweight scene, cut Abyss from the Revolution, and pair Manik and Sanada as a tag team.

Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Roode and Eric Young in a three-way match to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Title. Angle pinned Roode with the Angle Slam after EY hit Roode with a steel chair. Intense, physical match with several counters and near falls. Kurt is still the man; he hasn't lost a step at all in his first grueling match in a while. Now we get the long-awaited World Title match between Angle and Lashley, plus the blowoff to EY and Roode in a Last Man Standing match.

Wow, this was easily the best show of the Destination America run so far, in my opinion. The UK babyfaces – Galloway, Magnus and Spud – absolutely killed it tonight with their promos. We also got two exceptional matches, a big title change, and nice buildup for the remaining shows in London. Fun night of action and storytelling rolled into one. BIG thumbs up from me!