Friday, March 27, 2015

3/27 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

March 27, 2015
Orlando, Florida

James Storm and Khoya came out to the Six Sides of Steel for a promo. Jeff Hardy interrupted and said he will end the Revolution. Manik and Abyss ambushed Jeff, but Jeff took them both out and hyped the main event. Solid opening to set up the theme of the night as "Hardy's Revenge". Both Storm and Hardy played their roles well, but sadly the Revolution looked like fools.

Backstage, the BDC acknowledged that they lost Samoa Joe and the X Division Title and walked off to prepare for Low Ki's match tonight.

Backstage, James Storm was pissed that Manik and Abyss failed to take out Jeff Hardy earlier. Storm told Khoya to go after Hardy and laughed.

Rockstar Spud defeated Low Ki to retain the X-Division Championship. Spud rolled up Low Ki into a small package after Drew Galloway distracted the BDC. The match was okay and did what it needed to do. They got the obligatory rematch out of the way, established Spud as the new (underdog) champion and built more tension between Galloway and the BDC. Simple booking, nothing more.

The BDC called out Drew Galloway and got into a brawl. Shaun Ricker and Camacho came out of the crowd and joined Galloway as the Rising cleared the BDC out of the ring. I like the intensity and contrast in philosophies between the Rising and the BDC. Nice to see Ricker and, to a lesser extent, Camacho in TNA – although I guess TNA is keeping their names unknown for the time being. I'm also looking forward to a stiff, violent match between Galloway and Low Ki in the near future.

Awesome Kong defeated Brooke with the Implant Buster. After the match, Taryn Terrell made the save as Kong was about to put Brooke through a table, but Taryn ended up getting powerbombed through the table instead. Decent match; poor Brooke was basically fresh meat for Kong. I liked the post-match angle and the fact that TNA keeps teasing Kong has Taryn's number. Bringing the table into play was a nice touch to put over Kong's path of destruction.

Jeff Hardy cut a promo backstage but was ambushed by Khoya. Hardy beat the crap out of Khoya and smashed a beer bottle over his head to end the segment. Damn, that was some violent rage by the Charismatic Enigma. It would have been cool if they somehow showed glimpses of Willow via post production.

Kurt Angle came out and talked about winning his first World Title in over three years. EC3, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Lashley came out and wanted a title shot; Angle said he will fight anybody. There was a huge brawl in the ring with four of the top contenders (plus Tyrus and Mr. Anderson) as the show went to break. TNA is doing an excellent job stacking the main event scene with so many top-notch wrestlers in the mix. I enjoyed the nuances of this segment, like a ceremony to put over the new champion and his many challengers gunning for the title. It also creates some interesting scenarios for the future. Good stuff.

Eric Young, Tyrus and EC3 defeated Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson in a six-man tag team match when EY made Aries tap to the figure four. Good match that showcased most of their top stars in one shot. I like that each guy has their own motivation for chasing the World Title. EY, in particular, has really stood out by portraying such an old school heel – first the piledriver and now the figure four. It should be cool to see these guys fighting for position in the Top 5.

Bram and Magnus cut a promo on each other before they got into a brawl in the ring. Bram tried to kiss Mickie, but Magnus made the save and pounded him with a wrench as Bram bailed out of the ring. Good follow-up from last week that furthered the hatred between Bram and Magnus. I think they have gone as far as they can go with these promos/segments; now it's time to unleash their intensity in a legitimate No DQ match. Bram is one hell of a sadistic heel, that's for sure.

Jeff Hardy defeated James Storm with a swinging splash in a Lethal Lockdown match. Third week in a row that TNA delivered an awesome main event. Great physicality from both guys in the cage – the roof and weapons added to that vibe as well. The finish was very reminiscent of the AJ Styles spot on James Storm from Lockdown 2006. Kudos to TNA for a well-told story and a satisfying ending.

Overall, I enjoyed this week's show. For the first Orlando IMPACT in almost a year, they came back and hit a home run, in my opinion. Every match and segment had a defined purpose tonight, capped off by a strong main event between two of the best characters on the show. By the way, the new set looks great. It's so refreshing to see TNA improve their product and presentation so much compared to this time last year.