Friday, March 20, 2015

3/20 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

March 20, 2015
London, England

The Wolves defeated Manik and Sanada, and Jessie and DJ Z in an Ultimate X match to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles. Fun match to start the show. It's so nice to see the Ultimate X break out of its dry spell in recent years. I liked that spot where the Wolves knocked down the BroMans and Revolution simultaneously. And how about Jessie's dropkick tho? Good stuff.

Austin Aries called out the BDC and proposed a winner-takes-all match for his briefcase and the X Division Title. Low Ki declined, and Samoa Joe attacked Aries to start an impromptu match.

Austin Aries beat Samoa Joe by DQ after Low Ki jumped Aries outside the ring. Aries got the upper hand and knocked out Low Ki before leaving with his briefcase. Rockstar Spud then cashed in his own briefcase and hit the Underdog on Low Ki to win the X Division Title. Joe and Aries had a good stiff match while it lasted – kinda bittersweet that this was Joe's final match in TNA. Spud winning the X Title one week after his memorable Hair vs. Hair match was a cool moment. #ImWithSpud

Bram and Magnus had a brawl that spilled out to the ring. Mickie James came out and attacked Bram as well. Magnus laid out Bram with a powerbomb on the stage. Oh, the irony... Mickie used to sing "Somebody's Gonna Pay" and that's exactly what happened. I love the emotion and intensity on Magnus' face as he beat the living daylights out of his former mate. That powerbomb was sick, too.

Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim and Awesome Kong in a three-way to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Wow, all three ladies worked their tails off to deliver an exciting, fast-paced match. Taryn looked impressive as she took down Kong and countered Gail's finisher for the pin. They did just enough to plant the seed of doubt that Taryn may not beat Kong one on one.

James Storm defeated Matt Hardy with the Last Call in a No DQ match. Despite the heavy interference, I thought this was a solid match. The thumbtack spot wasn't necessary, but whatever. Obviously this was more about setting up Hardy's revenge next week, so mission accomplished.

Kurt Angle defeated Lashley with the Ankle Lock to win the TNA World Title. Match of the Year contender, baby! I know WWE owns the name, but this was WrestleMania in its purest form. TNA went all out to promote this match as a spectacle (I loved the entrances, by the way) and then the wrestlers delivered the action and drama to put it over the top. I’m happy that Angle won the title; he is the Randy Couture of professional wrestling.

Man, this was definitely a PPV quality show, and a fitting conclusion to this year’s UK tour. You may as well call this Bound For Glory in the UK to make up for that mediocre version we got in Japan last year. Let’s see… the Tag Teams had a fun Ultimate X match; the Knockouts made women’s wrestling proud; the X Division had a feel good moment; and the Heavyweights had a picture perfect main event. Plus, we got some nice London brawling. Huge thumbs up!