Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/16 IMPACT Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

IMPACT Wrestling

Due to TNA taping all the way to May, some segments and matches may not be necessarily in order of how it was taped. Borash claimed what was taped tonight would be airing in April.

Match 1) In an Ultimate X Match Match for the vacant TNA Tag Team Championship, The Hardys defeated The BDC (Low Ki and Kenny King), The Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) and EC3 and Bram to become the NEW TNA Tag Team Champions. At one point, Tyrus shook the structure to knock the BDC and the Heels down. He tried to help EC3 grab the belt on his shoulders but Aries drop kicked them both down. Aries had Roode standing on his shoulders going across the cables until Homicide ran out with his baton and laid them both out. Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Kenny King off a ladder. It came down to the Hardys and Low Ki last and they knocked Low Ki off the cables, climbed up the ladder, and pulled down the belts. They posed for the fans.

It should be noted that Kenny King did not come out with the X-Division Championship, so this match will likely air before that one.

Eric Young came to the ramp with a stretcher. He comments on how Kurt said winning the title changed Eric and he said it did. It showed how good he was. He said anyone who stands between him and the title he will put them on the stretcher including Lashley, Roode, Austin Aries, and potentially Kurt Angle if he keeps ducking him. The stretcher match is non-title and Eric sees this as an opportunity. He will show the world what he sees: a man that can be beat, a man that is hurt, and a man that is going to get hurt even worse. He will do what countless legends icons superstars and champions could not do: he ends Angle’s career tonight.

They claimed to start a Falls Count Anywhere Match of Taryn Terrell vs Awesome Kong. It appeared that they just did a re taping of the finish from last night’s taping with instead of an ace crusher and the bad belt shot, the Doll House came to the top turnbuckle and hit Kong with kendo sticks, Taryn got under Kong, and they hit a three way powerbomb through a table allowing Taryn to retain the title. Taryn then cut the exact same promo as last night near verbatim turning heel in the process.

Magnus came to the ring for a promo. He said this ring is where he makes his living and it is his place of business. He’s proud of the fact that thanks to this company and the fans that he has career in pro wrestling and he doesn’t need a real job. The crowd chants “thank you, Magnus.” He said his fiancĂ©e once did the same but she is making her life choices and he stands behind her with them 100%. He said another man is interfering with family business and calls out James Storm. James Storm came to the ring and took a mic. Magnus said Mickie made her decision and Magnus stood behind her when she made that decision. Storm says he understands but a decision that hard to make shouldn’t be made if it is that hard.

Storm recommends getting Mickie out here but Magnus cuts him off and says he has no business in this and is starting to piss him off. He appreciated when Storm stood between Bram and Mickie, but him following their son around and trying to manipulate her won’t work. Magnus said all Storm is trying to do is drive a wedge between them like how he manipulates people to join his Revolution. Storm says that is not the case and he just was helping a friend just like a man would do. From what he is hearing, he is hearing someone who has a couple trust issues. Storm claims Magnus hired a cameraman to follow her around and see when Mickie and Storm run into each other in a public parking lot. Storm claims he has known Mickie a “loooong” time, a lot longer than Magnus and if it wasn’t such a big thing then why would she not tell him. Storm walked out having the last word as Magnus also walked to the back.

There was a podium set up and Mr. Anderson came out in an untucked business shirt, tie, and jeans. He put his microphone on the podium with a sign as well. He says they are much livelier tonight than when EC3 talked and bored the fans. He talked about EC3′s promos. Anderson claims he does not care about campaign promises and only wants to see EC3 get his butt kicked. EC3 and Tyrus interrupted, EC3 suited up and Tyrus carrying an EC3 2015 sign. EC3 says it sucks when someone comes out and interrupts. The crowd says “you can’t wrestle.” EC3 says he is the first one to bring politics into wrestling and cannot be copied. He says his campaign is very very very very real (the crowd chanted boring during very.)

Anderson fell asleep during the promo. He comments on how if EC3 wants the championship, then just go win it. EC3 says he doesn’t just win, he collects scalps and calls himself undefeated unbeatable. Anderson says EC3′s undefeated streak is clearly the most important thing to him. Anderson showed his sign to the crowd saying to “beat the streak.” Anderson says his undefeated streak will come to an end live on May 8th. He said there is nothing more American than letting people vote here, so the fans should vote on how his streak will come to an end. EC3 says democracy doesn’t work that way but accepts Anderson’s challenge. He implores Anderson to tread lightly.

Match 2) In a Non-Title, Stretcher Match, Eric Young defeated Kurt Angle. They did a lot of brawling on the floor including Angle hitting an Angle Slam on the floor. Angle put EY on the stretcher. EY got out of an ankle lock in the ring and hit a Piledriver on Kurt followed up by another Piledriver. He strapped Angle to the stretcher to win the match.

Match 3) In a TNA Knockouts Championship Match, Taryn Terrell w/The Doll House retained over Brooke via ace crusher after interference from Jade and Marti.

After the match, Jade and Marti picked up Brooke by her arms/legs, danced with her, lifted her up and slammed her. Taryn said Kong and Brooke could not beat her. Gail Kim came to the ramp and says she is confused. Taryn said she is tired of living in Gail’s shadow. Gail wants nobody to live in her shadow. Taryn says it is time for Gail to live in Taryn’s shadow because there is three of them and Gail is all alone. Gail said she is not alone and Awesome Kong comes out and stands behind Gail.


Match 1) Rockstar Spud defeated Manik via Underdog.

Match 2) Davey Richards defeated Khoya w/James Storm via Stretch Muffler.

Match 3) Chris Melendez defeated Samuel Shaw via Bubba Bomb.

Match 4) Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love and Madison Rayne via Eat Defeat on Angelina Love. Angelina hit a flying boot to Madison’s face and she may have been slightly injured from it.

Match 5) Mikah defeated Jessie Godderz via The Big End (Big E’s finisher).

Match 6) James Storm w/Khoya defeated Mandrews via Last Call.

Match 7) Bram defeated Eli Drake via Brighter Side of Suffering.

Match 8) Magnus defeated Robbie E via Cloverleaf.

Match 9) Mr. Anderson defeated Tyrus w/EC3 via Mic Check. EC3 teased attacking Anderson but Anderson ran him off.

Credit to Wrestling News World