Friday, March 13, 2015

3/13 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

March 13, 2015
London, England

Bobby Roode defeated Eric Young in a Last Man Standing Match when Roode delivered a Roode Bomb on EY through a table on the outside. Fantastic way to kick off the show. Just like with Gunner/Storm last year, this was another case of good friends turned bitter rivals. Both guys told a great story, took some stiff bumps and finished with a monster bang through a table. Plus, the heat for EY was phenomenal. EY should be proud, because that was the best match of his career.

Drew Galloway cut a promo from the crowd about his mission to stand up for wrestling. MVP interrupted and ran down Galloway for messing with the BDC. This led to a match between MVP and Galloway, as MVP ordered the BDC to go to the back.

Drew Galloway beat MVP via disqualification when the BDC interfered and bloodied Drew with a pipe. Galloway has really impressed me so far during the UK tour; I like his energy on the mic and in the ring. The BDC is a ruthless band of thugs – true definition of a badass heel stable. Now I'm curious to see who Galloway brings in to counter the numbers game of the BDC.

Magnus beat Bram via disqualification when Bram hit a low blow in front of the referee. Bram handcuffed Magnus to the ropes, took Mickie James hostage and forced him to kiss his boot. The match was okay while it lasted, but the psychology was damn good. Bram is such an evil, twisted villain. Josh Mathews made a great point on commentary that Bram wanted to humiliate Magnus in front of his fiancee. Magnus might have to bust out his own dark side to contend with Bram.

Brooke defeated Robbie E after Jessie accidentally nailed Robbie with a dropkick. Eh, this was just a formality to pay off the storyline. Robbie has been a douche about their breakup and loss on the Amazing Race, so it made sense for Brooke to go over in the end. Now that this silliness is out of the way, let's ease Brooke back into the Knockouts division. By the way, her new theme song is dope.

Josh Mathews was shown at the TNA studio in Nashville, hyping the World Title match next week. They showed some nice video packages for Lashley and Kurt Angle to make their clash seem like a legitimate dream match for the ages. Good stuff.

Ethan Carter III defeated Rockstar Spud with the One Percenter in a Hair vs. Hair Match. EC3 pretended to respect Spud after the match, but attacked him and shaved his head from the tree of woe. Excellent main event! The drama, the emotion, the atmosphere, the intensity, the blood – you couldn’t ask for a better conclusion to such an enjoyable feud. Spud and EC3 told a great story, and the aftermath was well executed to put over EC3 as a bonafide star. Spud was right; we are going to remember this match for a long time, or at least I will.

Overall, I thought this was another strong show. The Last Man Standing and Hair vs. Hair matches were awesome; everything else in between was solid to great. TNA wrapped up a few storylines tonight, plus Bram and Galloway continue to shine in their respective roles. I'm looking forward to Angle vs. Lashley next week. Keep the momentum going.