Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/13 IMPACT Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT Wrestling from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

IMPACT Wrestling - March 27th and April 3rd

* James Storm did a promo inside the six sides of steel, saying last time they were in a cage, he took out Jeff Hardy and tonight he will take him out for good. They did the old Road Warriors deal where Storm tossed a watermelon off the top to show what would happen to Hardy's head. Hardy came out and promises he's going to get Storm for what he did. Manik attacked Jeff but is taken out. Abyss attacked him but Hardy was able to gain control of a steel chair and run him off. Storm says it will all end tonight.

* TNA champion Kurt Angle came out and cut a promo thanking everyone for all their support over the years. He said to be champion again after all he's been through is the best moment of his life. EC3 and Tyrus come out. He says that he's beaten every Hall of Famer and will beat Angle for the title. Bobby Roode came out and said if they are going to talk about the title and who's fighting for it, it should be him they are talking about. Eric Young then came out and said he's better than Roode and will make sure Roode is never ever champion again. Austin Aries then came out and reminded everyone he has the Feast or Fired briefcase, so he is the master of the fate of the TNA title. He brings Angle champagne but says they aren't celebrating Kurt's title win but the one Aries will soon have. Angle says he will face anyone or everyone and leaves. Lashley comes out and stares Angle, then at the entire scene. He is not happy. Tyrus, EC3, and EY attack Aries and Roode. Lashley walks away. Mr. Anderson makes the save...

* Eric Young,  EC3 and Tyrus defeated Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson in a six-man tag team match when EY made Aries tap to the figure four.

* Awesome Kong beat Brooke with the Implant Buster. Kong is going to destroy her but Taryn Terrell makes the save. They brawl and Kong puts the Knockouts champion through a table.

* Bram was ripping on Magnus and Mickie James during a promo when the couple came out. Magnus warns him to never speak of his child again. They start brawling. Bram has Magnus down with a low blow and attempts to kiss Mickie. Magnus and Mickie both attack Bram and he runs off.

* TNA X-Division champion Rockstar Spud beat Low Ki with a small package after Drew Galloway hit the scene from the crowd and got into it with the Beatdown Clan, distracting Ki.

* MVP cut a promo promising they are going to get Galloway. Drew says he is standing up for wrestling. Shaun Ricker and Tevita Fifita (the former Camacho) come out of the crowd. Galloway is helped by them and says they are The Rising.

* Gail Kim pinned Angelina Love with the Eat Defeat. Angelina cut a promo before the match, saying she is a record breaking 6 time Knockouts champion, she is free of the constraints holding her back the last year and she will prove she is as good as Gail, if not better.

* Eric Young beat Bobby Roode with a figure four. There was a ref bump prior to the finish that caused the ref to miss EY tapping to the crossface.

* TNA Tag Team champions The Wolves do a promo. They announce Eddie will be out a long time and they are giving up the belts. Davey says when Eddie gets back, they will be getting them back.

* Magnus beat Bram in a Falls Count Anywhere with the Spine Shaker. Mickie James came out mid match. Bram had Magnus incapacitated and went after Mickie. James Storm made the save, talked Bram down and got Mickie out of harms way, then left. Mickie and Magnus embraced afterwards.

* TNA champion Kurt Angle beat Bobby Lashley with a roll up. Lashley’s shoulder was clearly up but the ref was positioned not to see the shoulder up.

* Jeff Hardy beat James Storm with a swinging splash while holding the roof of the cage in an enclosed steel cage match with weapons.

Credit to PWInsider and Wrestling News World