Sunday, February 15, 2015

World Cup Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for One Night Only: World Cup from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

One Night Only: World Cup

Dark Match: Mason Ryan defeated Shaun Ricker.

Four captains will each be selecting five different members of the Impact roster to declare the winner of the World Cup of Wrestling. All of the captains were issued opening statements. EC3 said he has had sleepless nights since losing last year. EY said he has had none since he won. Roode vows to pick the best team members possible. Jeff Hardy asks his creatures if they are in it to win it with him.

Team Hardy Team Roode Team Carter Team Young
Jeff Hardy Bobby Roode Ethan Carter III Eric Young
Davey Richards Austin Aries Tyrus Samuel Shaw
Rockstar Spud Lashley James Storm Bram
Gunner Magnus Robbie E Abyss
Crazzy Steve Mr. Anderson Jessie Godderz Manik
Gail Kim Taryn Terrell Awesome Kong Havok

Match 1) Lashley defeated James Storm via Spear. Khoya tried to help Storm but it failed.

After the match, Storm berated Khoya and made Khoya bow to him. Khoya teased attacking Storm but it didn’t happen.

Match 2) The BroMans defeated Mr. Anderson and Magnus by DJ Z using the hairspray on Anderson and Robbie rolled him up for the pin.

Match 3) Davey Richards and Rockstar Spud defeated Manik and Abyss by an Acid Drop and a Top Rope Double Stomp from Spud/Davey respectively on Manik.

Match 4) Samuel Shaw defeated Crazzy Steve via Kata Gatame. Shaw kept trying to go for Steve’s clapping monkey during the match.

Match 5) Awesome Kong defeated Havok in a hardcore match via chokeslam on a ladder in around 5 minutes. The match also involved a kendo stick, garbage cans, and a steel pipe.

Match 6) Tyrus defeated Gunner with the thumb to the throat.

Match 7) Jeff Hardy defeated Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and EC3 in a four-way match. Eric Young attempted a Swanton of his own on Hardy, missed, and took a Twist of Fate from Hardy. At some point during the match, EC3 got busted open. He attacked Jeff Hardy with a chair after the match until Roode made the save.

Match 8) Gail Kim defeated Taryn Terrell with a roll up out of a cutter attempt.

Match 9) Austin Aries defeated Bram with a roll up when Bram went to pick him up.

Match 10) Team Hardy defeated Team Carter to win the World Cup of Wrestling.

- Tyrus eliminated Crazzy Steve via thumb/spike.
- Kong and Gail fought to the back and got counted out.
- Davey Richards eliminated Robbie E via Crossface Chicken Wing.
- Rockstar Spud eliminated Jessie Godderz via school boy pin.
- Tyrus eliminated Rockstar Spud via thumb/spike.
- Jeff Hardy eliminated Tyrus via school boy pin immediately after Spud’s elimination.
- James Storm eliminated Gunner via Last Call.
- EC3 eliminated Davey Richards with help from Storm and Khoya.
- EC3 got eliminated by disqualification for using his cast on his arm.
- Jeff Hardy eliminated James Storm via Swanton Bomb.

Team Hardy came out to celebrate winning the World Cup.

Credit to Wrestling News World