Monday, February 16, 2015

Vito Rea - The New Bruno

By Patrick Wayne

Vito Rea is an Italian born Professional Wrestler and former Martial Artist. Vito is considered the top Italian wrestler in the United States after only 2 years, building an expansive fanbase at the same time. As a result of being considered the top wrestler in Italy, after wrestling for many years in Europe, former WWE star Jr. Fatu/Rikishi quickly approached Vito to train with him at his Knoxx Pro and Territory League promotions in America. This prompted Vito to leave Italy in order to chase his dream in America as a Professional Wrestler, in the process dropping all he knew and moving his life overseas bringing his family with him to change the course of his career.

Vito’s success is not limited to wrestling. Vito is a well known athlete in Italy for his Martial Arts skills. His achievements include being a 7 time ‘MMA Pankration Italian Champion’, successfully representing his country by winning the World Heavyweight Championship at the Olympic Martial Arts Federation at the FILA World Wrestling Games plus being the very first FILA Pankration fighter in history to compete in Wrestling and Martial Arts at the same time. Vito is a well rounded competitor and has won many different Martial Arts tournament such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling and Sambo wrestling. He has plied his skills in the cage, winning shoot-fighting matches, notably holding the record for the fastest win in the Pankration challenges, a less than 30 seconds submission victory.

In Italy Vito’s achievements have been recognised at government level. In 2010, he was awarded the “International Sportive Success Award” by Raspudani as a representative of the government of Sora, in the province of Frosinone. Vito has featured on various TV talks shows and Wrestling shows.

One of his greatest compliments and credentials is being considered by many to be the “next Bruno Sammartino” because of his style and his size, along with great speed and agility, which is considered rare for a man of his size. Vtio’s wrestling style relies on many submission maneuvers which have been seldom seen before along with a level of mat work, setting him apart from many other men of his power and technical style. Vito was born close to Pizzoferrato (Abbruzzi), where Bruno Sammartino was born and raised which means that they shared much of the same culture.

Vito Rea’s self professed main goal is to bring the same excitement to fans of America in 2015 and onwards that Bruno did in the 60's and 70's. Many say that Vito Rea could be the answer to the Alexander Rusev in WWE, especially in a top wrestling show like "TNA Impact" because of his skills and sheer size. Finally, Vito will be featured in a book called “the City of Broccostella” written by Professor Antonio Mantova, for his sporting achievements. The book details the people from Broccostella who have achieved great things in their field. Vito will be featured alongside many politicians and “self made” businessmen.

It's time for TNA to sign Vito Rea for Nuvolari in Italy.

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