Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Talon
February 20, 2015

-The Six Man Tag between the Revolution and Matt Hardy/The Wolves was a fun opener with a bit of action. There were a few fun spots including the finish where Hardy hit the Twist of Fate while the victim was being stomped from the top rope. The aftermath also made sense as the numbers came into play.

Storm ordering Abyss to hit the Black Hole Slam on Manik put over the idea that failure won't be tolerated in this group. I still don't like that everyone but Storm is a background character but at least this group has another narrative to it.

-I liked the segment with EC3. Its nice to see Spud get the upper hand in this feud. Even though Mr. Anderson is helping him to do it, it gives Spud some momentum. Seeing Tyrus get his head shaved continues to build towards an eventual Hair vs Hair match between Spud and EC3. When that happens, I don't know.

-The Al Snow vs Grado match was solid. Even though TNA tried to get Madonna to give permission for them to use "Like a Prayer," not having it killed a lot of the aura around Grado's entrance. His entrance is one of the biggest parts of his character, so without the theme, he lost a lot tonight. He did well in the match though. My guess is that this is it for him in TNA.

After the match, BDC came down and attacked Snow and Grado. I don't know why but it did lead to Drew Galloway making his TNA debut. I am a fan of Galloway and think he has a great future if presented right. He didn't have a great start when he accidentally cut Low Ki with that pipe.

-We got Taryn Terrell vs Angelina Love. After the match Awesome Kong showed up and went after Taryn setting her sights on the Knockout gold. Gail Kim came out and made the save. I look forward to where this is going as Kong vs Gail was a great feud and Gail vs Taryn was a great feud. Having these three mix it up to lead to an eventual Taryn vs Kong match should be fun.

-Eric Young and Tommy Dreamer had a solid hardcore match. I don't know if this happened in the original airing but on Unlocked, the screen switched to black and white when Dreamer started to bleed. It gave EY a good win over the extreme athlete. Tommy Dreamer is a guy that TNA keeps on using. The fans are behind him but his appearances are no longer special. It makes sense though since he works as an agent for TNA and is already there.

-Its great seeing Mickie James again. I liked the segment with her and Bram. She has guts because Bram is one guy I would feel uncomfortable being in the ring with due to his darkside. She stuck up for Magnus which has both its good and bad elements since she is fighting his battles. It got uncomfortable at the end with Bram going after Mickie. I see him eventually doing something to her which will build the animosity between Bram and Magnus.

I'm hoping Mickie returns to the Knockouts Division full time in the near future. There are a number of matches that I would like to see between them.

-I was going to write a Versus column focused around the idea of a TNA Royal Rumble style match. Since we got a version of that on this show, I will include it here.

I would personally like to see TNA really hype up a Gauntlet Battle Royal where the result matters, we get to see some cool moments and we have some special guests. Have 30 men go out there with 5 or 6 special guests that we don't always see (Tommy Dreamer). I think this would be great for TNA as Royal Rumble is a big match and Lucha Underground's Aztec Warfare was also a huge match that was fun to see.

This match felt rushed though. I liked the way TNA made it stand out by having the final five wrestlers determined by the top 5 rankings. Everyone else before them was randomly drawn. Mostly, the match was forgettable. A lot of the eliminations came out of nowhere and there wasn't a special moment that stood out. The story of Angle facing off against BDC was okay but nothing special.

MVP will get Lashley for the World Title next week and Angle is waiting in the shadows for the winner. That match should be a good one.

Final Thoughts: This was an enjoyable show. A number of segments were executed well and things progressed nicely. I really enjoyed the Mickie/Bram segment and it was cool seeing Drew Galloway come to TNA. Good show.