Friday, February 06, 2015

Lockdown Coverage

February 6, 2015
Manhattan Center in New York City

The Revolution defeated the Hardys to retain the Tag Team Championship. Good match; smart move to make it tornado style. Ouch, that was a hard fall by Jeff Hardy. I thought the Swanton on the steps last year was sick, but this time he landed head-first on the steps after he got crotched and hit with a cowbell. The Revolution have used the numbers game to cut through the Wolves and the Hardys. Something’s gotta give to neutralize their interference.

The BDC called out Team Angle. MVP talked about the dangers of the Six Sides of Steel and advised Team Angle to walk away before they get hurt. Both teams got into a huge brawl, but the BDC used the numbers game to injure Gunner's arm. Nice setup for the main event that also used the Jeff Hardy incident to sell the brutality of Lockdown.

Awesome Kong defeated Havok with a splash from the second rope. As expected, this was a hell of a brawl between the two giants. The crowd was really into this match with the “Better than Divas” chants again. It was a bit short, but every move had such impact and got me pumped for a rematch down the line.

There was a video from two weeks ago where Velvet Sky broke the news of her firing to Angelina Love. Angelina pretended to be sympathetic but smirked a few times as she hugged Velvet. Hmm, so Angelina wanted to reform the Beautiful People last year and now she’s glad that Velvet’s gone? What a bitch! Could this lead to Velvet’s return and a repeat of their 2010 feud but with the roles reversed?

Bobby Roode defeated Eric Young with a Roode Bomb on a steel chair. Great performances from both men. This whole feud has been built perfectly from EY’s betrayal to Roode’s revenge. The blood and the chairshots in the cage reminded me of that old-school feel of best friends turned bitter enemies. EY and Roode have now traded wins over the last month – the big blowoff is coming in the UK.

Tyrus defeated Rockstar Spud and Mandrews in a handicap match. Tyrus pinned Spud after EC3 took out Mandrews and hit Spud with the cage door. EC3 was about to use the razor on Spud before JB cut the cord and ran off to the back. The highlight was definitely Spud's dive off the top of the cage. I also liked that shot of EC3 looking nervous on the outside before getting involved in the finish. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in this feud.

Brooke defeated Robbie E in some sort of mini race where they had to climb the cage and cross a finish line on the ramp. Eh, it looked like a harmless comedy segment. At least they kept it short. I would have preferred something like Brooke and Robbie racing from New York to Glasgow next week, but this was basically a parody of "The Amazing Race".

Team Angle defeated the BDC in Lethal Lockdown after Lashley speared MVP while the faces had the heels in their submission holds. Fun match with a cool finish. Lashley coming out was not surprising since they were building it up all night. I enjoyed the hard-hitting action throughout, and even some of the canvas shots added to the carnage in this match. Overall, Lockdown was an awesome show. Now bring on the next six weeks of TNA in the UK.