Saturday, February 14, 2015

Knockouts Knockdown Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme introduced the show in the ring. They advertised some of the best women in professional wrestling tonight. 8 different knockouts vs aspiring knockouts and a gauntlet at the end of the show.

DJ Z came out and said if they are doing a women’s show they need someone who knows a lot about women. He introduced Robbie E & Jessie Godderz as judges for the evening. Robbie said everyone knows Jessie is dating Angelina, DJ Z is never with a girl despite always being with a girl, and brags about dumping Brooke and getting Velvet fired. He says JB and Hemme’s services are no longer needed so they can hit the bricks. Robbie asks the aspiring knockouts to come to the ring. They did an extended promo with all of them in the ring including:

Mia Yim, Alexxis Nevaeh (using the name Alicia), Su Yung, Rosita (going under her real name as Thea Trinidad), Solo Darling, Cherry Bomb (using the name Laura Dennis), and the former Rosie Lottalove under the name Mary Kate.

Prior to the next match, Madison cut a promo insulting Alicia and ran down her accomplishments, including winning the Knockouts Knockdown last year.

Match 1) Madison Rayne defeated Alicia via a roll-up with the tights.

Match 2) Thea Trinidad defeated Angelina Love via countout. Thea hit a moonsault and Jessie distracted. Crazzy Steve came out to take care of him. Thea knocked Angelina from the apron onto Godderz and Angeljna could not make it back in the ring.

After, Robbie and Zema attacked Steve. Knux and Rebel ran out for the save. Knux said he is tired of them getting away with what they do. He thinks he has a solution. Knux challenges the Bromans and Angelina to a 3-on-3 elimination match.

At this point, they advertised Matt Hardy vs Austin Aries to also be taped tonight.

Gail cut a promo before the following match talking about how the two faced off in 2013 when Gail had a different attitude and commended her (also as a fellow Canadian) for earning her way to this point and said she never backs down from a challenge.

Match 3) Gail Kim defeated Laura Dennis via Eat Defeat.

Gail spoke after about while Laura might be the future, Gail is right now and vows to win to become Queen of the Knockouts.

Match 4) Havok defeated Solo Darling with the Harlot Slayer.

After the match, Kong’s music played on and off. Havok took a mic and said she was tired of these mind games. She says they will fight tonight.

Su Yung cut a ditzy promo before the match about wrestling Taryn Terrell.

Match 5) Taryn Terrell defeated Su Yung with the ace crusher.

Match 6) Brooke defeated Mia Yim with the Tess-Shocker.

Match 7) Awesome Kong defeated Mary Kate with a chokeslam.

After Havok came to the ramp and she and Kong got in a pull apart brawl that needed to be separated.

Match 8) Crazzy Steve, Knux and Rebel defeated Jessie Godderz, Robbie E and Angelina Love in an elimination match.

- Rebel eliminated Angelina via the FBG.
- Jessie eliminated Rebel via roll-up.
- Jessie eliminated Crazzy Steve via roll-up.
- Knux eliminated Jessie via running crossbody.
- Knux eliminated Robbie E via the Knux Out/Swinging Reverse STO.

Match 9) Austin Aries defeated Matt Hardy via brainbuster in about 14 minutes. The two of them shook hands and raised each other’s arms after. (This was taped for a different ONO show).

Match 10) Awesome Kong won the gauntlet match to become Queen of the Knockouts. When it came down to Kong and Havok, it was decided by pinfall or submission while the other eliminations were over the top rope. Kong pinned her after a rock bottom to win the match.

Order of entry:
1) Thea Trinidad
2) Gail Kim
3) Madison Rayne
4) Havok
5) Taryn Terrell
6) Brooke
7) Awesome Kong

Order of elimination:
1) Thea Trinidad (by Gail)
2) Madison Rayne (by Havok)
3) Brooke (by Kong)
4) Taryn Terrell (by Havok)
5) Gail Kim (by both Kong and Havok)
6) Havok (by pinfall from Kong)

Credit to Wrestling News World