Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ethan Carter III Talks Morale and Freedom in TNA

Ethan Carter III spoke with This is Awesome Wrestling Show about a variety of topics.

TNA product on Destination America:
"What we’re doing now is building something awesome and if you've been fortunate enough to be able to see our product, I think since we jumped to Destination America it’s been pretty good and cohesive at telling stories and being solid top to bottom. We’re at an advantage where we don’t have to worry as much about trying to draw numbers as we can telling good stories, which I think we’re doing really well. I just know that TNA has made the right call, because we’re part of the Discovery network which is one of, if not the top cable network in the world. Good things are coming, and they’re very happy with us and we’re very happy with them. I think this is going to be a dream relationship and keep getting better every week."

The freedom he has in TNA compared to WWE:
"I can’t speak for everybody but my morale is sky high, because they pay me exceptionally well and I’m doing fantastic things for them. It’s a great relationship and I love it very much. Doing things like indies or any sort of outside appearances, stuff of that nature, what’s cool about TNA you can build yourself as a brand and they allow it. You’re not their property as much as you're own businessman. I can get gigs. I can be doing a TV commercial where I’m cleaning a toilet, and they would be totally cool with it and think that’s fun. As opposed, elsewhere (WWE), where I can use my celebrity to do something great and they shoot it down because they don’t profit off it. TNA is awesome."

Being able to work indie promotions as well as TNA:
"Indies are cool, because there are fans that love wrestling. It’s always fun and it’s a different environment. I don’t want to say that wrestling on TV isn’t fun, because I’m a dude on TV and I’m having fun every time I wrestle on TV because I always win. There’s a little more freedom to experiment in matches you’re doing on the indies. I think it’s cool because you get to satisfy your career and your need to be on TV with TNA, plus on the weekend if you want to go out there and do something, that’s cool too. I could go put a wig on and wrestle as Elvis Carter III, and that would be funny."

Difference between working in WWE and TNA:
"It's a little more relaxed. No walking on eggshells. There's not the constant fear of people going to stab you in the back for their personal gain, because for some reason, that's the atmosphere that is bred in WWE sometimes. It's relaxed, it's cool. They were very welcoming, especially being a new guy, which is hard coming in as a new person. Everyone was nothing but cool to me. I have great friends in WWE, still do, but TNA is more of a brotherness."