Sunday, February 08, 2015

Austin Aries Talks Contract Status, Future Goals and More

Austin Aries spoke with H4 Entertainment about a variety of topics. Below are the highlights.

On whether he has signed a new contract with TNA:
"Nope. That’s all stuff that people like to make up on the internet. Nobody knows my contractual terms except for the people who should know, and anybody else who comments on it is just making things up. I put a tweet out that I was going to be appearing at the first set of tapings in New York for the Destination America debut, and the next thing I read was that I signed a new contract. People who like to make money by getting clicks on their website, sometimes like to fabricate things to draw up interest. That’s all I really want to say about my contractual status at the moment."

On TNA's partnership with Destination America:
"I don’t know if it’s starting over as much as kind of rebooting. I think it’s a great opportunity for the company. Destination America is in their infancy, but they’re a part of the Discovery network which is huge not just in the U.S. but internationally. The nice thing about our situation now is that we have a partner that is 100% behind us, and they want to put in the resources and the time to help Impact Wrestling grow, because they know that is going to help their network grow as well. So maybe it's a small step back as far as the total viewership capabilities and things of that sort, but we have the potential to take a lot of steps forward in the future, so I think we’re all excited about partnering up with them and they’re excited to be a part of this too. I see a lot of good things in the future."

On winning the X Division Title from Low Ki and dropping it a week later:
"Well, I think if you look at the situation... obviously there were people disappointed that I only held the title for one week, but Low Ki is a great competitor. We had a hell of a match that night and I was the better man in a one on one scenario. At the end of that show he joined forces with Samoa Joe, MVP and Kenny King to form a new faction. So the following week when we had a rematch, it wasn't one on one anymore — it was technically a four on one situation and the numbers game got me, so it just shows you that sometimes there is strength in numbers and that guys will go to whatever means necessary. I think after Low Ki lost the championship belt, the idea of joining forces with these guys probably seemed appealing, and to this point it has worked in his favor. He has the championship around his waist for the time being and we’ll see how long it stays there."

On his moniker of "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived":
"It is probably the most ridiculous and braggadocious moniker I could possibly think of. I was actually in Los Angeles, thinking about the direction I wanted to take my character in and freshen it up. I remember Weezer came on the radio — "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" was one of their songs that was on the radio at the time. I sat and listened to the song and it embodied everything that I wanted to exude as Austin Aries, so I just took it. That's basically the lineage of where that came from. I don't really use it too much in my everyday life, but I think that part of being the greatest man that you can be is owning up to the mistakes that you've made, being a man about it and realizing that none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, and it's how you handle those mistakes and how you come back from those mistakes that kind of makes the caliber of the man."

On who he wants to wrestle:
"The guys that I’d like to face at this point in my career are guys that have a different style than people are used to seeing me wrestle. I’d love to get in there with a guy like Tommy Dreamer or Hurricane Helms. Matt Hardy, I haven’t had a chance to wrestle; I've wrestled Jeff a number of times. Guys that people wouldn't necessarily think of Austin Aries getting in the ring with. I've got this reputation of being that "indie style, four-star match" guy. That’s cool but I’d love to get in there with Chris Masters and find a clever way out of the Master Lock. I’ve always wanted to wrestle King Kong Bundy and see if I can kick out at four-and-a-half like nobody ever has. So those are the kind of things I’m looking at now. I’ve wrestled that physical "go style," as I like to call it, where you’re just going. At this point I’d like to switch it up and have some unique matchups that maybe fans haven’t seen before."

On his future in the wrestling business:
"I love this industry and I'd love to pass on what I've learned, myself and from others, to guys who have passion for it like I do. I'm known to be outspoken, but a lot of that comes from having a lot of passion for what I do. I enjoy the other side of the curtain, so to speak. I enjoy what goes on outside of the ring as much as I do inside the ring. As I get over a decade now, coming on 15 years of my career this year, that’s definitely an area I want to start focusing on more and more."