Friday, February 20, 2015

2/20 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

February 20, 2015
Glasgow, Scotland

The Wolves and Matt Hardy defeated James Storm, Abyss and Manik in a six-man tag team match when Eddie pinned Manik after a top rope foot stomp from Davey. The Revolution laid out the babyfaces after the match, and then Storm ordered Abyss to hit a Black Hole Slam on Manik as punishment for their loss. Hot match to start the show. The Wolves looked amazing, and that was a cool spot with the Twist of Feet from Matt and Eddie.

EC3 came out and threw a temper tantrum; Mr. Anderson distracted Tyrus on the outside as Rockstar Spud and Mandrews attacked EC3 from behind. The babyfaces duct-taped Tyrus and shaved his head. Okay, that was a fun segment with a nice twist. Spud and Mandrews were getting their asses kicked every week, so it's refreshing to see the Brits get the upper hand for a change. This is all building to an epic hair vs. hair match between Spud and EC3, I love it.

Grado defeated Al Snow with the Wee Boot. The BDC attacked Grado and Snow after the match, but Drew Galloway made his debut and ran them off with a steel pipe. In the words of Mike Tenay (if he was still on commentary): Hey, I know that guy. Drew McIn... Galloway is in TNA! The match itself was okay, but once again the crowd was electric and made it such a big deal. Sucks that Madonna said no to Grado's entrance, but oh well. Drew made a hell of a statement on his first night, busting Low Ki's ear in the process. Good stuff.

Taryn Terrell defeated Angelina Love to retain the Knockouts Championship. Awesome Kong attacked Taryn after the match, and Gail Kim came out and confronted Kong. The match was too short, but at least Taryn got another title defense under her belt. The post-match angle, on the other hand, was cool. I thought we were going to see a three-way feud with Havok, Taryn and Gail, but I like this trio better. We get a classic match with Gail/Kong, the continuation of Gail/Taryn, and a fresh match with Kong/Taryn – excellent combo of past, present and future rolled into one.

Eric Young defeated Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match. Damn, that was a bloody fight. Both guys did the usual hardcore spots and worked hard to put on a good brawl for the Glasgow crowd. EY is doing a fantastic job with his deranged heel character since the move to Destination America. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the Roode/EY feud on this tour.

Mickie James returned to TNA and addressed Bram’s attack on Magnus a few weeks ago. Bram said he blames Mickie for turning Magnus into a reformed family man, but Mickie defended her family and slapped Bram as referees came out to restrain Bram. I have to say, I'm enjoying the personal aspect of this feud. Mickie's involvement makes it that much sweeter because A) she's back on TV and B) it enhances Bram's "dark side" the way he and Mickie interacted in this segment.

MVP won a 20-man Gauntlet Battle Royal to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Title. Angle eliminated the other members of the BDC, but MVP kicked him out at the end. Well, battle royals are always fun, and this was no different. The only drawback was the commercial breaks, but that's to be expected nowadays. MVP is a logical choice for #1 contender to Lashley – the video package for next week even referenced their history as former stablemates, and this match has been building since MVP stole the belt from Lashley in New York. Should be a good main event.

Overall, this was an awesome show. We got several major developments, good storyline progression, and a few decent matches. The two hours just flew by tonight and I enjoyed every segment. Big thumbs up. Next week, we roll into Manchester for the third episode from the UK.