Friday, February 13, 2015

2/13 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

February 13, 2015
Glasgow, Scotland

Kurt Angle brought out Lashley and challenged him to a World Title match, but the BDC interrupted. Lashley challenged any two members of the BDC to face him and Angle in a tag match tonight. Solid opening that recapped the Lockdown result and segued into the main event for later in the show.

There was a backstage segment where EC3 challenged Spud, Mandrews and JB to face him and Tyrus in a handicap match. EC3 said he is going to shave Spud’s head.

Bobby Roode defeated Austin Aries with the Crippler Crossface. Excellent match – Roode and Aries never disappoint. I liked how they incorporated the power rankings into this match; I enjoyed that aspect of their previous Top 10 during the Hogan/Bischoff regime. Clever way to build Roode's title hunt and feud with EY in one segment. Plus, the jumping piledrivers looked sick.

Al Snow called out Grado and told him to quit wrestling. Al started talking trash to Grado’s mom at ringside, so Grado attacked Al from behind. Short, effective promo to build their match next week. Al and Grado sold their beef well, but the beauty of that segment was definitely the crowd. Even if you never watched British Boot Camp 2, the heat for Al and cheers for Grado told the whole story.

Bram defeated Crazzy Steve with an implant DDT. I love Bram’s intensity – only he could pull off challenging someone to a fight DURING a fight. Bram vs. Magnus has all the makings to be one of the best personal feuds in a long time. I'm curious to see how Magnus responds and if they play off their history in the UK (or maybe that's something Mike Tenay should do for Unlocked).

EC3 and Tyrus defeated Spud, Mandrews and Jeremy Borash in a handicap match when EC3 pinned Spud with the One Percenter. EC3 was going to shave Spud's head after the match, but the lights went out and Mr. Anderson cleared the heels out of the ring. So JB loses his hair and now he’s hitting guys, cutting cords, and flying off the top rope. I’ve really enjoyed this feud between EC3 and Spud, not to mention the supporting cast has been great too. Anderson seems like a weird fit in this equation, but the promos alone should be entertaining as hell.

Gunner was talking backstage about going for the World Title by winning the Gauntlet next week. Kenny King and Low Ki interrupted and attacked Gunner to end the segment. Nice to hear Gunner mention his main event push last year and how he wants to relive it again. Gunner vs. King would be a great feud, for sure.

Awesome Kong defeated Madison Rayne with an Implant Buster. Haha, Madison’s reaction to Kong’s music was priceless. I feel a little bad that Madison got squashed after she had a great showing in that Knockouts three-way a few weeks ago, but whatever. Kong has been on a roll since she she returned to TNA and is easing back into title contention against Taryn Terrell – that's fine with me.

Kurt Angle talked to Austin Aries backstage about the latter tapping out to Bobby Roode earlier tonight. Aries shrugged it off and said he’ll live to fight another day.

Matt Hardy cut a promo about his brother Jeff’s injury at Lockdown. James Storm interrupted and they got into a brawl. The Wolves made the save and ran off the Revolution to end the segment. James Storm is such a sinister villain; I thought the name drops were a nice touch to reinforce that he broke Jeff Hardy last week. The brawl was okay, nothing more.

Austin Aries was talking backstage about cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase on his own terms, but then the BDC attacked Aries and tossed him out of the arena. The BDC are certainly living up to their motto of "Seek and Destroy."

MVP and Samoa Joe defeated Lashley and Kurt Angle when MVP rolled up Lashley and hooked the tights. Good match. The main event scene keeps getting interesting now that MVP pinned Lashley and everybody from Angle to Aries to Gunner wants the title as well. Overall, this was a great start to the UK shows with tons of story progression, solid matches, and strong buildup for Snow/Grado and the Gauntlet next week.