Wednesday, January 28, 2015

V2 Wrestling Interview with Al Snow and Grado

Courtesy of Adam Davey, V2 Wrestling Podcast

Tomorrow night sees TNA Impact return to the UK for another three nights of wrestling action, taking in Glasgow, Manchester and London. The tour kicks off in Glasgow on the 29th January and features all of the major wrestlers on the TNA roster, including Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley. However, there is one match that has drawn the attention of the Glasgow audience more than any other – Al Snow vs Grado.

Over the last year, Grado has grown from a guilty pleasure to mainstay of Scottish television. Appearing in the BBC documentary about Glasgow's Insane Championship Wrestling and now a regular on BBC Scotland's soap River City, Grado has carved out a fan base that most British wrestlers can only dream of.

In the last few months, Grado has taken part in TNAs British Boot Camp 2, a reality show that took the best of the British scene and put them through the challenges of what it takes to be a TNA wrestler. And as always, Grado was the one who stood out but not for the right reasons.

During the tryouts, Grado turned up late for his second audition, incurring the wrath of judge Al Snow. The show captured Grado's attempts to win over the respect of Al throughout the series, to very little success.

After being eliminated from the competition, Grado finally stood up to the former WWF European, Hardcore and Tag champion, issuing a challenge to Al. Which leads us back to Glasgow. Tomorrow night, Grado gets to live his dream of wrestling at Glasgow's premier venue.

I was fortunate to catch up with Al and Grado ahead of their match on Thursday. The audio can be found below but let's just say that the animosity from Snow hasn’t diminished one bit!

Thanks to both Grado and Al Snow for taking the time to talk to v2. Make sure to subscribe to the v2 wrestling podcast to hear more interviews.

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