Thursday, January 01, 2015

TNAsylum Expanding In 2015

For the past four and a half years, TNAsylum has been a site dedicated to TNA Wrestling. We were innovators in a variety of ways. We were one of the original TNA-exclusive websites ever.

Unfortunately in the past few years, a variety of other TNA-exclusive websites popped up. Many of them didn't offer anything new or different. In turn this watered down this niche of the internet wrestling community. To stand out, you had to go extreme over your views (much like the political media of today).

TNAsylum has decided to grow as a way to continue making ourselves stand out. The TNAsylum readers are casual TNA fans. We cater to those who are TNA fans but are open-minded enough to recognize that the company isn't perfect. We understand that a large portion of our audience are TNA fans who also enjoy other wrestling.

We have decided to move from being a TNA-exclusive website (like many others) to being a TNA-themed website that also features content from other promotions. This would make us the first of our kind. We will be the site that "looks at the wrestling world through the eyes of a TNA fan."

What this means:
* TNA will remain the core of our site. 90% of the content on the site will continue being about TNA. It will be the same TNAsylum as before, just with more content.

*In 2015, we will be offering an outlet for fans of the other promotions to discuss that product. This will be for major shows (such as Wrestlemania).

*Writers will be given the opportunity to discuss other wrestling promotions (as long as it has a TNA connection).

* We will have Open Discussion posts that allow readers to discuss Lucha Underground, New Japan and other areas freely.

* This will give our readers a source of headline news without leaving the site. Many of our readers consider TNAsylum as destination number one. Unfortunately they need to leave our site to get news and content about other promotions.

What this DOESN'T mean:
* TNA content isn't being phased out or becoming secondary. We are still a TNA site. The only difference as that we are now a TNA site w/ content from other promotions.

* TNA content is still our #1 focus. Lucha Underground etc. content will be secondary to the TNA content. Most of the time, you won't see any content from other promotions.

* You will not be overwhelmed by content from other promotions. This is a minimal introduction. If it works out, we will expand on it. If it doesn't work out then we will move on.

* This doesn't give readers permission to criticize TNA in favor of other promotions. You still need to follow our comment policy. You still need to be constructive and you still need to support your arguments.

The facts are, if you are on this site, you are a TNA fan. Most of you watch wrestling aside from TNA. This new directive will just give you more content in addition to what you are already getting. This will give you a place to discuss other promotions. It is being handled very carefully and will be introduced slowly in 2015.