Saturday, January 03, 2015

TNA Fans Need to Remain Positive and Patient

By Dustin T. Hull

Time is relative. Time is too slow when waiting, and time paces too fast for a moment you don’t want to end. Time is the one commodity in life that we can never replenish. I know; heavy stuff for wrestling websites, but it's the truth. Time has sped by due to spending it with family, which is amazing, but the time I have been away from writing has crawled because I’ve been building up opinions for what is going on within TNA. Their hiatus has given me this craving desire to see the next chapter for Impact Wrestling. So, with the time that we’ve had from the last "normal" episode of Impact, these are a few points that have really kept my interest.

The amount of time Impact has received from Destination America is promising. Since the initial announcement, Impact has been granted seven hours of weekly programming. This includes replays, the "Best Of" shows, and the interesting idea behind Unlocked. Many – including myself – wonder if they are focused too heavily on replays, but the idea of Mike Tenay hosting a show that brings us the behind the scenes look to Impact has some merit to it. The potential power ranking is appealing to me because yes, we all know this is a scripted performance art, but we all have our hierarchy and the idea of seeing how Impact views their talent interests me.

We will also see Tenay in a role I find fits him. Similar to how Mean Gene was getting the "scoop", the Professor will bring us reactions to these guys and what happened for the week. This is an opportunity to advance storylines, get fans deeper into the characters, and is hosted by one of the most knowledgeable men in wrestling; translation – a great idea on paper. Rather than trying to cram character advancements into a two-hour show, Tenay can now guide us deeper into the depths of these characters and their altercations.

Also, the absence of information for the January 7th episode has inspired great interest. We know that Roode/Lashely III will take place, but honestly we are clueless to what else will happen. Normally, we have an idea of where to connect the dots but right now, there is no certainty as to where we go next. A lot can be made of the authority figure being stricken from power for attacking the performer, so what happens with Kurt Angle after his retaliation against MVP? Since his brief clips on the final Spike episodes, I wonder if we will see Shera debut on this show, fully awakened.

With Lockdown around the corner, do we see some buildup for The Hardys vs. The Wolves, or do The Wolves go after The Revolution? This timeframe without information, mixed with the fact that this will be the first LIVE show in months, has my mind turning through multiple scenarios.

A lot of the things that we fans have shouted for out of TNA have come about in the past two years. They are out of the Impact Zone and in other venues. They are willing to go live when needed. They have stirred up the top of the card and allowed homegrown talent to be elevated. They have trimmed the roster down, even if you didn’t agree with some of those decisions. They brought back the six-sided ring due to the clamoring of the vocal majority – even if some (fans AND wrestlers) did not want it back. With this move to Destination America, they will provide us with more than just two hours every week. If there is ever a time to make a big statement, this debut is that moment for Impact Wrestling.

My question to all of you – Is there an issue that TNA has not addressed yet that you feel needs to be focused on before January 7th? I know some have mentioned the management, while others fault the writing staff. Hell, some even say that there are guys who shouldn’t even be on the roster. I cannot honestly answer this question because I think they have done quite a bit to make this network move seem as a new beginning for TNA. While I may have a few nitpicks, I can honestly boil it down to my overly critical nature. I will take my friend T-Mac’s advice to remain positive and patient. I believe Impact will deliver a great product on the 7th and I’m patient that when the dust settles six months down the road, we will see Impact in a different light.

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