Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Feuds of 2015

It is time for your Wake-Up Call...

We cannot have a good wrestling show without epic feuds. 2014 saw some doozies with Roode versus Lashley, Storm versus Gunner, and the tag team series, among others. Hopefully, 2015 will bring much of the same. We are already looking forward to some upcoming ones to begin the year, most notably the “Battle of the Bobbies” (trademark pending). Others we will be seeing kicking off the New Year are MVP versus Angle, the Revolution versus the Wolves, and probably King versus Anderson. However, I have a few that I would really like to see that are not really on the radar as of yet. Tell me what you think of mine and let me know which ones you want to see this year.

Austin Aries versus Low Ki: TNA does not seem to want to give the main event push and consistency Aries deserves on pure talent alone. He has been relegated to the X-Division for quite some time. Well, why not take advantage of that reality and put him in a program with the “Instigator of Intensity” (trademark pending), Low Ki. I look at this potential match up and say “Hellz yeah!” Even better, put these guys in a best of 5 series for the X-Division belt. Who is down for that?

Ethan Carter III versus Gunner: This one might leave you with some question marks, but I have a feeling this one might create some magic if done with a serious tone and intensity. You might recall these two in a matchup in the infancy of the Storm and Gunner drama in early 2014. These two brought something out in each other in the matchup that made each guy look quite good. It was a short match that was interrupted, but it was beginning to develop some hidden gem qualities before it all ended abruptly. ECIII really has not had any great matchup that I can recall in TNA; his moments have mostly come in non-wrestling segments. He could do with a feud that leads to some good wrestling to really make his mark in TNA; in my opinion, he has not had that one feud that has punched his ticket to advance up the roster (I do like the guy though.). And after the Samuel Shaw fiasco extinguished Gunner’s momentum, this feud could be that highlight that brings everything into focus for both guys. I just have a feeling about this potential pairing. Make it happen, TNA!

Kurt Angle versus Bobby Lashley: I do not need to say much here. These guys are both badasses, so this just needs to come to fruition. This one is probably going to happen anyway, as it has already been alluded to on Impact before the move to DA. Just imagine the matches these guys can put together. Lashley has really shown growth on his in-ring work. Put him with the few wrestlers in TNA that can make most anyone look a cut above their actual ability (Look what Angle did with Wes Brisco!), and there is a potential for a classic match with these two together.

The Wolves versus The Rest of the Revolution: I am sorry; I do not care to see James Storm and Abyss as a tag team, mostly because of Abyss. The Abyss character has never really done it for me. James Storm probably also needs to simply get away from tag teams, though they should play into his tag team history for his cult leader character. But I would love to see Seiya Sanada (Who else was disappointed they didn’t use his first name?) and Manik together in a tag team; they would work well together with their similar styles. Needless to say, the Wolves are an awesome tag team. Put those teams up against each other. Think of a word. If “awesome” did not come to mind, that should be the one.

Magnus versus Bram “Stoker”(Insert last name): This one needs to happen mostly for the sake of Magnus. He is treading water and needs somewhere to go. And let us face it, the guy is not a heel; he is a natural babyface (Or a babyface heel if he ever is a heel again. He comes off as a pretty-boy type guy.). What worked for him was the hard working young gun; what did not work was the smug asshole coward or the badass brawler. Bram has overshadowed him with ease with Magnus in such an unfitting role. They have somewhat teased or foreshadowed a breakup of the boyhood buddies but never followed through. Hint: It is time for Magnus to turn to what works for him and to beat up the Dracula-author impersonator. Even with the bad character for Magnus, he does work well with Bram, so I would like to see them at odds in a feud. Not to mention, it is a natural story arc for Magnus to go full circle, realizing nothing ever worked for him when he tried to bend the rules. It writes itself, really.

Bobby Roode versus the World: Bobby Roode is the man, nuff said. I, like many, am hoping for a long, long, long (long, etc.) and interesting title reign for the longest time with the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He is simply great to watch. That said, I hope TNA flirts with him approaching, if not surpassing, his own record. His last title run was way fun to watch, and there is no reason another one should not be just as entertaining. Roode as a face should be just as interesting, as he has been in the zone in the last several months. I hope to see Roode become the fighting champion with a plethora of challengers and heavy competition. Bobby Lashley. Jeff Hardy. Austin Aries. James Storm. Samoa Joe. Eric Young. You can continue the list from here.

Sensai James Storm versus Jessie Godderz: I am a fan of Jessie Godderz; not ashamed to admit it. The guy shows flashes of great potential and seems like he just needs the reps, per se, to hone his craft. He has great athleticism (Just look at that dropkick he throws.). He has some pretty good psychology in the ring. And he sells like a hospital patient. Sure, he needs improvement in the acting arena. And no, I do not see him in the main event anytime soon, but given a regular tag team or low-mid card feuds, he could really become something in TNA. Enter James Storm, TNA’s resident name-builder. Sensai Storm has one of the most respectable talents in the business of being able to draw whatever there is out of lesser experienced talent than him. In my honest opinion, TNA has neglected to put some serious effort into this Godderz-fella. Whether it is a real Tag Team feud under the guise of Storm as half of the champions or a one-on-one feud—preferably, TNA should really see what they have in this guy. Feed him to the Storm.

Taryn Terrell versus Brooke Tessmacher: It was a nice surprise to see Taryn pull off a victory to win the Knockouts championship. We are probably in for a reprise with Havok to begin the year, so who knows if this is only a short run with the belt. Either way, we have not seen here go toe-to-toe with one Brooke Tessmacher. Both are talented, beautiful women, and they should be knockin’ at each others’…er…door (Yeah, that was appropriate, right?). We have been getting some fresh matchups in the Knockouts division with the introduction of Havok, but they should keep that trend going with a couple of the most talented women in TNA outside of Gail Kim. I look forward to the potential “Battle of the Booties” (trademark pending).

TNA Creative versus First Name Only Characters: Brooke. Brittany. Tyrus. Bram. That might be it that I can think. TNA Creative has decided these are good character names by themselves. I suppose there other singularly-named characters in TNA, like your Magnus, your Manik, etc., but these are fitting by their lonesome. A single first name, to me, seems like an incomplete character. I get TNA scratched Brooke’s last name to avoid confusion when Brooke Hogan was around because, you know, it is incredibly difficult to differentiate between two Brooke’s, but Mrs. Hogan is not around anymore; it would work to give her last name back. This is simply a pet peeve of mine, and really not a big deal. But like I said, it’s like the profile of these specific characters is only half complete. Consider it a personal wish of mine for TNA Creative to lay the smackdown on only first names for characters. Pseudo-rant complete. 

...Seriously, you haven't woken up yet? You're going to be late....

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