Saturday, January 31, 2015

IMPACT Taping Results from London, England

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT Wrestling from Wembley Arena in London, England. Read at your own discretion.

* Mandrews, Noam Dar, Kay Lee Ray and Crazzy Steve defeated Rampage Brown, Dave Mastiff, Madison Rayne and Samuel Shaw in a fun 8-person tag match. Jeremy Borash announced that they'll be airing a documentary in the UK called "British Boot Camp On Tour". He said that Challenge TV is their best TV partner in the world.

IMPACT - March 13th

* The Wolves defeated The Revolution (Manik and Sanada) and The BroMans (Jessie and DJ Z) in an Ultimate X match to retain the Tag Team Titles. Good opener. A few light "we want Velvet" chants, but nothing major.

* Bobby Roode defeated Eric Young in a Last Man Standing match. Roode won after hitting the Roode Bomb off the apron and through a table on the floor, before beating the count.

* Drew Galloway came out for a promo, threatening to take back wrestling. The BDC came out, leading to Galloway vs. MVP. Chants of "M V Penis" broke out. The match didn't go long, as Drew went for a double arm DDT, Kenny King and Low Ki hit the ring for the DQ. Samoa Joe followed but didn't take part in the beat down, watching from the aisle. Joe stopped Low Ki from kicking Galloway's head, but instead gave Ki a pipe which was thrown in the general direction of Drew's head. The BDC held up a bloody Galloway to end the segment.

* Magnus beat Bram via disqualification. Mickie James came out during the match to lend support to Magnus. Bram hit a low blow for an intentional DQ. Post match, Bram attacked Magnus with a chair. Bram tied up Magnus in the ropes with some cables as Mickie came in to act as a human shield. She slapped Bram, but he grabbed her and cut a promo on Magnus, threatening to take away everything he loves, unless he kisses his boot. Magnus planted his lips on the boot and Bram left to boos.

* Brooke defeated Robbie E in an intergender match. DJ Z, Angelina Love and Jessie were out with a bucket and stool, a la a boxing match. Lots of interference, but Brooke won with a jackknife cradle after Jessie missed a dropkick and accidentally hit Robbie E.

* EC3 defeated Rockstar Spud in a hair vs. hair match. Spud led the crowd in singing "God save the Queen" during his intro. Tyrus came out to give Spud a powerbomb on the floor, but EC3 only got a near fall. Mr. Anderson took out Tyrus with a Mic Check. Spud was busted open in this match. Borash gave EC3 a low blow, but Spud only got a two from a stunner. EC3 repeatedly rammed Spud's bloody head into the mat, only for him to hulk up, but EC3 blocked a shiranui and hit a braced elbow shot for another two, before finally scoring the win with the One Percenter. After a swerve babyface promo, EC3 attacked Spud, put him in the tree of woe and shaved some of his hair off.

IMPACT - March 20th

* Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim and Awesome Kong in a three-way to retain the Knockouts Title. Taryn countered the Eat Defeat from Gail into a roll up for the win. Kong dominated most of the match but was taken out by a Gail Kim dive.

* Magnus and Bram spilled out of the back, brawling into the ring. Magnus waffled Bram with a series of chair shots before refs broke it up. Mickie James attacked Bram too, who tried to escape, only to get a powerbomb on the stage for his troubles.

* Austin Aries came out for a promo and challenged the BDC - namely Samoa Joe and Low Ki - to give him his Feast or Fired briefcase back. The pair came out with the briefcase, and Aries challenged Ki to a match for the briefcase and the X Division Title. Instead this led to Joe vs. Aries. The crowd chanted "briefcase wanker" at Low Ki. They were having a good match, but another DQ finish - Aries hit a suicide dive to Joe, but got jumped by Low Ki as he tried to throw him back in. Aries grabbed his briefcase after Ki accidentally hit Joe with it, and Aries took out Ki before going to the back.

* Rockstar Spud came out and cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase. Spud hit a Shiranui and pinned Low Ki to become the new X Division champion!

* James Storm defeated Matt Hardy in a hardcore match. Abyss brought out some tacks, only for Hardy to block a superplex and shove Storm into them. More interference from the Revolution, and a cow bell shot from Storm, plus a superkick for the win. Post match, the Revolution threaten to take out Hardy, but he was saved by Grado. The Wolves came out to help run off the heels. Grado and the Wolves danced a little, with Hardy returning to give Grado his Impact moment.

* Kurt Angle defeated Lashley to win the TNA World Title. The best match from the show; plenty of rolling German suplexes in this one. They kept this mostly on the mat, with plenty of near finishes, including a Lashley spinebuster and an Angle Slam both getting near falls. Lashley ended up going to the top rope in frustration, and missed Angle off the top. Angle did connect with a flying cross body, but Lashley rolled through and applied an ankle lock. Kurt got the ropes, and scored another near fall with an Angle Slam. Lashley responded with a cross arm breaker, which was countered into another ankle lock, which eventually led to Lashley tapping out to give us a new TNA champion!

Credit to PWInsider