Thursday, January 29, 2015

IMPACT Taping Results from Glasgow, Scotland

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT Wrestling from the Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland. Read at your own discretion.

* Noam Dar and Kay Lee Ray defeated Rampage Brown and Gail Kim in a mixed tag team match. Good match with not a great finish when Noam pinned Brown clean. Gail barely wrestled.

IMPACT - February 13th

* Kurt Angle cut a promo to start the show. Angle, Gunner and Austin Aries have joined forces to take care of the BDC. Angle brought out Lashley to a mixed reaction. Lashley and Angle shook hands to a pop. Angle said it's time for him to be champ again and wants a title match. The BDC came out in matching red outfits but ran off to end the segment.

* Bobby Roode defeated Austin Aries (who came out with the Feast or Fired briefcase). Good match; Roode with a clean submission win. Roode cut a promo after the match and then got blindsided by Eric Young. EY hit a piledriver on Roode on the stage.

* Al Snow cut an awesome promo getting major heat. Al called out Grado, who received major babyface pops - bigger than Aries and Roode. Their match was set up for the second taping.

* Bram defeated Crazzy Steve in a squash match. Bram kept calling out Magnus so it looks like their split has happened. Bram was getting good heat and Steve was over with the fans. Bram called out Magnus again after the match but Magnus didn't show.

* EC3 and Tyrus defeated Rockstar Spud, Mark Andrews and Jeremy Borash in a handicap match. At one point, EC3 yelled "Rockstar Spud, it's scalping time!" The crowd was really into this match. Jeremy Borash did a top rope dive. EC3 pinned Spud for the win and tried to shave his hair after the match. The lights went out and Mr. Anderson was in the ring to a huge pop. Anderson took out EC3 and hit a low blow on Tyrus.

* Madison Rayne cut a promo announcing she is only one title reign away from being the most decorated Knockout ever. She was getting interrupted by big thuds (like Jurassic Park). Eventually Awesome Kong came out and beat her in a squash match.

* Matt Hardy cut a promo about how Jeff is hurt at the hands of the Revolution. The Revolution came out and James Storm mentioned he did something that not even the Undertaker could do - put Jeff out of action. Storm invited Matt to join the Revolution. Hardy punched Storm and then Revolution attacked Hardy. Manik applied a submission hold as Storm talked trash. The Wolves made the save and took out Sanada as the Revolution bailed. The Wolves got a huge pop and the Revolution got major heat.

* MVP and Samoa Joe defeated Lashley and Kurt Angle. MVP was wearing a Manchester United top. Really good tag match until the finish. Bit of a screwy ending to the match that didn't look too great. Angle accidentally hit Lashley and then Lashley got pinned by MVP. Angle and Lashley had a bit of a stare down at the end.

IMPACT - February 20th

* Eric Young defeated Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match. Lots of blood from Dreamer.

* EC3 came out for a promo. Anderson interrupted and got a huge pop. Spud blindsided EC3 and Tyrus from behind. Anderson pulled out some clippers and was going to shave EC3's hair, but Tyrus made the save. The babyfaces then duct-taped Tyrus and shaved his hair as EC3 looked on. Spud did the honours as Anderson cut a promo. "Tyrus was the first customer in the Rockstar Spud barbershop. EC3 - you're next."

* Taryn Terrell defeated Angelina Love (who was introduced by DJ Z). Awesome Kong attacked Taryn after the match, but Gail made the save and had a stare down with Kong.

* Kurt Angle cut a short promo saying he's going to win the Battle Royal tonight.

* Mickie James is back in TNA! She cut a promo about Bram attacking her fiance Magnus.

* MVP won a 20-man Battle Royal to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Title. It came down to Angle and the four members of the BDC. MVP last eliminated Angle for the win.

* Grado defeated Al Snow. The crowd went nuts for Grado. Al shook Grado's hand after the match. The BDC came out and attacked Grado, but then Drew Galloway made the save to end the taping.

Credit to Adam Davey for sending in the results