Thursday, January 08, 2015

1/8 IMPACT Wrestling Spoilers

The following was taped for future episodes of IMPACT. Read at your own discretion.

IMPACT Wrestling - January 16

* MVP's crew came out for a promo. MVP said that they are the Beatdown Clan. They aren't the same blood but they are bonded by the blood they have spilled in the business, going back to their days in the independents in Florida. He said that Eric Young isn't part of the Clan but he wanted to introduce him as Young has something he wants to say. Young cut a long promo about how he gave Bobby Roode a shot when he was champion but Roode never gave him one and he was deserving. He then claimed when he was hurt and hospitalized defending Roode, all he got from Bobby was a text message. So he took what Roode loved most (the World title) and will continue taking everything he loves. MVP then introduced the new TNA World Champion Lashley but Kurt Angle came out and said Roode was going to kick Young's ass. Angle called The Clan a bunch of thugs. Samoa Joe got in his face and Angle nailed him.

* Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle via choke after a ref bump and a low kick. The Beatdown Clan hit the ring and put the boots to Angle, Four Horsemen style. Bobby Roode hit the ring with a steel chair to make the save and ran them off.

* Bobby Roode cut a promo in the ring. He said he's been trying to keep his composure but Eric Young already went too far with what he said. Roode said tonight isn't about pro wrestling and he's going to make Young pay.

* The Hardys defeated The Wolves in a great back and forth match. James Storm's Revolution were in the balcony watching.

* Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode after a piledriver on a chair in a entertaining brawl. MVP came out and cut a promo knocking Roode and saying he was going to have to go to the hospital while they had a World championship celebration with Lashley later.

* The Beautiful People defeated Brooke Tessmacher and Taryn Terrell after Angelina hooked the tights as Robbie E distracted Brooke. The lights went out and Awesome Kong was in the ring. She laid out the BP and DJ Z. Havok came out and they had a face off until security stepped in.

* Low Ki defeated Austin Aries to regain the X-Division Championship in a good match after Kenny King interfered.

* The Beatdown Clan came out for the championship celebration. MVP said they are the talk of the world and now the World title has come home. Lashley came out. MVP took credit for his success and said the title belongs to all of them. Lashley said he's he champ and the title belongs to only him. MVP said they protect him and he's about family. Lashley said that's not what he's about. MVP tried to convince him and Lashley warned him to take his hands off him, or else. MVP said if it was anyone else, he wouldn't be forgiven but Lashley helped him in that other company and they go way back so he will accept they are going to walk different paths. He hugged Lashley and gave him the kiss of death and they all destroyed the champion. MVP said the title doesn't belong to Lashley but the Beatdown Clan. They took the belt to end the episode.

IMPACT Wrestling - January 23

* Gail Kim beat Havok by DQ in a short but fun brawl. Havok kept beating on her and the lights went out and Kong appeared. They had a short brawl.

* Koya (formerly Mahabali Shera) defeated Tigre Uno in a squash match. James Storm cut a promo for his match against Matt Hardy later.

* There was a Feast or Fired match with the following participants: Samuel Shaw, Crazzy Steve, The BroMans, Rockstar Spud, Gunner, The Wolves, Bram, Magnus and Austin Aries. Velvet Sky helped Robbie E get one of the briefcases. Rockstar Spud got the second case. Austin Aries got number three. Magnus got the fourth.

* EC3 fought Jeremy Borash to a no contest. Carter tried to announce his own match as he's wrestling but JB told him he can't announce and drilled him with the mic. JB got some offense in but it wiped out. Spud tried to help but Tyrus got involved. British Boot Camp 2 winner Mark Andrews got involved and hit some big high spots to run off EC3 and Tyrus.

* Matt Hardy defeated James Storm in a good match. Abyss attacked Hardy after the match and pulled out Janice but Jeff Hardy hit the ring with a chair. Jeff challenged Abyss to a Monster's Ball match next week.

* Low Ki and Eric Young defeated Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode when Low Ki pinned Roode after a distraction from the Beatdown Clan.

* Lashley came out and demanded his title get returned. Kenny King came out and cut a promo. Lashley told him to get the belt or they would fight. King said he would fight but invited the Beatdown Clan to come watch. MVP had the belt with him as if he was champion. Beatdown Clan interfered for the DQ and attacked Lashley. Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle hit the ring for the save.

* They announced tomorrow's Lockdown taping is sold out.

Credit to PWInsider for the results