Wednesday, January 07, 2015

1/7 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

By Talon
January 7, 2015
Manhattan Center, New York City
New IMPACT intro to open the premiere on Destination America. Pretty cool. Bobby Roode, James Storm and MVP gave their boys a pep talk on a bus. A brawl erupted out on the street among the entire roster.

The brawl made its way to the ring. There was a loud "This is awesome" chant. Kurt Angle came out and pumped up the crowd. Angle announced that all of the champions would defend their titles tonight. MVP interrupted Angle. He mocked New York City by turning his back on them. He ran his mouth calling Kurt hollow. Kurt announced that he stepped down as Director of Operations but he has been reactivated as a wrestler. He announced Kurt Angle vs MVP in a Street Fight RIGHT NOW.

Kurt Angle defeated MVP in a Street Fight after the Angle Slam. Good back and forth match here and a nice brawl to open IMPACT. It was a very hot open to this show.

MVP yelled at Kenny King backstage for not being with him ringside. MVP said he would show Lashley why he was champion in the first place.

To hype IMPACT Wrestling: Unlocked, Mike Tenay interviewed James Storm and asked him about The Revolution. Storm hyped up The Revolution and told Mike that his momma should have warned him about Storm.

The Revolution defeated The Wolves to retain the Tag Team Titles. Sanada and Manik accompanied Storm and Abyss to the ring. The Hardys came out to even the odds. Sanada and Manik got involved but the Hardys fended them off. Hardy accidentally ran into Eddie Edwards which lead to a Storm Last Call to retain the titles. Fun match while it lasted. Love Edwards and Davey's new tattoo.

MVP was running Lashley down backstage taking credit for all of his achievements. Lashley pushed him against the wall and said it was about him getting his title back. MVP left with Kenny King wishing Lashley luck as he is on his own.

EC3 came to the ring where Jeremy Borash was standing. Tyrus pulled out an unconscious Rockstar Spud from the back. EC3 was going to shave his head but JB asked him if that was enough. JB slapped EC3 and got laid out by Tyrus. Tyrus then held Rockstar Spud down as EC3 shaved part of Borash's head. Poor JB.

Austin Aries defeated Low Ki with a Brainbuster to win the X Division Title. Excellent back and forth match. Pretty hard hitting. Would love to see more between the two. Memorable night so far.

The knockout were in the ring ready for a Knockouts Title Battle Royal. DJ Z welcomed back Robbie E. Robbie came out and blamed Brooke Tessmacher for losing. He went on talking but was interrupted by the entrance of Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell.

Taryn Terrell won the Knockouts Battle Royal to retain the Knockouts Championship. She last eliminated Gail Kim and Havok. During the match, Brooke returned and attacked Robbie E at ringside. After the match, Havok beat down on Terrell. The lights went out and when they came back on AWESOME KONG WAS IN THE RING. They went face to face but Havok eventually backed down. Kong chokeslammed a referee. This was a major mark-out moment for me. Never thought Kong would return to IMPACT.

Lashley defeated Bobby Roode to win the World Heavyweight Title. At the end of the match, the referee got laid out. MVP and Kenny King came to the ring with two masked men, revealed to be Samoa Joe and Low Ki. Kurt Angle tried to lay them out but was quickly overwhelmed. The villains went after Roode when Eric Young came out with a chair. He ended up laying out Roode which allowed Lashley to get the pin. The ending was an interesting cliffhanger preceded by a very good main event match.

Good start to their era on Destination America.