Friday, January 30, 2015

1/30 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

January 30, 2015
Manhattan Center in New York City

Bobby Roode came out with the TNA World Title and called out Lashley to the ring. Roode gave the belt back to Lashley but wants a rematch. Austin Aries and MVP got involved, so Lashley decided to fight all of them tonight. Good setup for the main event. I like how they put over the World Title as a valuable prize. We have yet to see Lashley defend his title in a multi-man match, so this is somewhat different.

There was a promo hyping Lockdown on Destination America. Kurt Angle talked Gunner into joining his team to fight the BDC in Lethal Lockdown next week.

Taryn Terrell defeated Madison Rayne and Gail Kim in a triple threat match to retain the Knockouts Championship. Taryn hit the Cutter on Madison for the win. Ah yes, the “Better than Divas” chants were back. That was quite a physical match with some cool three-way spots. Taryn is starting to rack up those title defenses and working hard to establish herself as a fighting champion. Good stuff.

Magnus was shown walking on the streets and said he invited Bram to meet him at a bar to talk out their issues. This ought to be interesting, especially if we get more character development regarding their history as childhood friends.

Tommy Dreamer called out Eric Young and tried to talk some sense into him. EY snapped and hit a piledriver before Bobby Roode made the save. Dreamer is very passionate when he talks, I'll give him that, but once again these speeches never turn out well for him in the end. I like how EY has embraced this new persona and he's really knocking it out of the park so far, in my opinion.

Bram and Magnus were shown hanging out and drinking beers at the bar. They talked about what happened in the Feast or Fired match and their childhood together. Bram pretended he was fine before he lured Magnus to the back and beat up his now former friend. Great character development from both guys. The beatdown was a little weak and predictable, but their conversation felt genuine for what it was. Magnus has matured into a family man while Bram is still a sadistic hooligan.

Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match. The Revolution tried to interfere, but Matt Hardy and the Wolves came out to even the odds. Jeff hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Abyss onto the tacks followed by a Swanton for the win. Fun match with the usual hardcore spots. The crowd was really into it and chanted "TNA" at one point, plus it built some momentum for the Hardys to possibly dethrone the Revolution next week.

Rockstar Spud and Mandrews defeated the BroMans with a combo Acid Drop/Shooting Star Press. EC3 and Tyrus attacked Spud and Mandrews after the match, and EC3 announced a handicap steel cage match for next week. The British Boot Camp winners make a fun X Division tag team; I wouldn't mind seeing them team up more often. The announcers selling it as an upset was a nice touch because the BroMans are former two-time Tag Team Champions after all.

Lashley defeated Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and MVP in a four-way match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Lashley hit the Spear on Aries for the win. The BDC attacked Lashley after the match, but Kurt Angle and Gunner made the save. Great match - it got plenty of time and was pretty competitive from start to finish. The Spear on Aries came out of nowhere and looked sick.

Bobby Roode challenged Eric Young to a steel cage match next week. Kurt Angle assembled his team of himself, Gunner and Austin Aries to take on the BDC in Lethal Lockdown. Angle offered Lashley the final spot on his team, but the champ turned him down and walked away. Lockdown is shaping up to be a hell of an event; the card looks stacked and there is a lot of intensity for each rivalry heading into next week. TNA is even doing cliffhangers and previews on a go-home show to what used to be one of their biggest PPVs of the year, so hopefully that draws huge numbers for Destination America.