Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

January 16, 2015
Manhattan Center in New York City

MVP cut a promo introducing his group, the Beat Down Clan (BDC). Eric Young came out and explained that he turned on Bobby Roode because Bobby wasn’t being a good friend and didn’t give him a title shot. Kurt Angle interrupted and came face to face with Samoa Joe, leading to a match. Good follow-up from last week that put over the BDC as a new stable, explained EY's heel turn, and transitioned to the first match of the night.

Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle after a low blow and a rear naked choke. The match was okay, sort of a condensed version of their classic PPV matches. It was interesting to see Joe as the heel and Angle as the face for a change. The biggest takeaway is that Joe made a huge statement for the BDC right off the bat with a tapout victory over Angle.

Josh Mathews and Taz were at the TNA studio, recapping the action from the Manhattan Center. They cut to a short preview of Mike Tenay’s interview with Magnus for the Unlocked show. I like this style; it reminds me of the old WCW weekend shows but in a modern era.

Jeremy Borash talked to Rockstar Spud backstage about his scalping by EC3 last week. JB said that his hair will grow back and that EC3 will get his comeuppance someday.

The Hardys defeated The Wolves with a front slam/Twist of Fate combo to become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Exciting, fast-paced match that featured a lot of cool spots, especially Jeff walking the top rope before leaping on The Wolves. Both teams have great chemistry and their styles mesh so well, you don't know who's going to win until the final move. It makes sense for The Hardys to get the next title shot while The Wolves regroup after two big losses.

Bram talked about the Feast or Fired match next week and warned everybody to stay out of their way because he and Magnus will each get a briefcase.

EC3 took over the production desk and told the director to cut a camera to Jeremy Borash, who was sitting at ringside. EC3 challenged JB to a match next week and said he'll give him 30 minutes to make a decision. I guess this is what TNA meant by changing the presentation because that was a unique, efficient way to progress a storyline whilst keeping it real in the context of a TV production.

Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode with a piledriver on a steel chair in a No DQ match. I’m enjoying this deranged side of Eric Young, and it's actually a refreshing change from his friendly competition with Roode last year. EY is not just crazy enough anymore; now he's just plain crazy. He even looks like Dave Mastiff with that haircut and beard, so I guess that makes him a bastard too.

The Beautiful People defeated Brooke and Taryn Terrell. After the match, the lights went out and Awesome Kong laid out The Beautiful People and DJ Z. Havok came out and confronted Kong, but security broke it up before anything happened. The match was all over the place, but I like that TNA covered a lot of ground with the Knockouts. We got Brooke's in-ring return (and feud with Robbie/Velvet), the Knockouts champ in action, and more teases of Havok vs. Kong – not bad.

EC3 walked into JB's dressing room and taunted him some more. JB finally had enough and accepted the challenge for next week.

James Storm introduced his newest disciple, Koya. Storm said the word koya means "lost" in Hindi but Koya has found his path with The Revolution. Koya will wrestle his debut match next week.

Low Ki defeated Austin Aries after some interference by the BDC to regain the X Division Title. I always enjoy watching the physicality between Aries and Low Ki. I'm not crazy about Aries dropping the title – this guy was the longest reigning X Division Champion in history, but his last few reigns have felt short and meaningless. On the bright side, the BDC are now firmly established as a rising force and we got a title change on the season premiere of IMPACT on Destination America.

The BDC brought out Lashley for the latter's World Title celebration. MVP said the World Title belongs to all of them but Lashley rejected the family, so the BDC took out Lashley and stole his belt to end the show. Great segment that put over the BDC as a badass faction and really shook things up for not only those involved but their characters in a different light. Even "The Destroyer" Lashley, for all his physical dominance, is no match against these guys by himself.