Friday, December 26, 2014

Dixie Carter Talks Destination America, TNA Roster, More

In preparation for their reboot on Destination America, TNA President Dixie Carter spoke with the Daily Mirror about a variety of topics. Below are the highlights:

On the changes to Impact Wrestling: "Our first show, which is live, will be similar to what we’ve done in the past. There’ll be a few new bells and whistles but it’ll be similar because there’s only so much you can do live because you don’t have the post-production time to dive into unique production aspects. But if you give us a few weeks, I think everyone will start to see a transition of new and exciting ways to watch Impact. I don’t want to say too much, I’d rather it unveil itself. I’m definitely excited about some of the changes coming up."

On TNA's deal with Destination America: "Destination America isn’t as well known, but Discovery is as well known or better well known, not only in the United States but globally. That’s the reason we did the negotiations and the deal with them. This is bigger than just Destination America, it has global implications. We are going to help grow Destination America domestically, that’s a huge priority for Discovery, and when that happens it’s going to have such a big upside for us on every level. It’s not an apple-to-apples deal. It’s not one two-hour show played once a week, now we have a two-hour show that’s played multiple times, we have multiple shows that are going to be announced, it’s a completely different type of deal that has much more upside than what we had before."

On the TNA roster compared to the WWE roster: "My own roster’s completely different. I don’t have a complaint about anybody on my roster. The young guys are just as hungry … the young guys from 10 years ago are now the Bobby Roodes, Samoa Joes, James Storms. My main eventers, who were brand new young talent from 10 to 12 years ago, I’m proud of how far they’ve come. This young group of talent we have right now, they’re the hardest working, most positive team players around."

On TNA bringing back past stars: "For somebody to dominate television for such a long period of time, they need to go away to come back and be fresh. If you look at this year, the return of Matt Hardy, Low Ki, Homicide and so many others, I think it’s good for the product to keep it fresh. They came back as themselves and now we want to put a spin on where they’re going.

"Sometimes you have to have a break to make it fresh and new again, recreate who you are. It’s tough in any business to be the same character for a long period of time, day in, day out. Just like Devon coming back this year, he was away for a while and he came back in a huge way with some of the greatest tag team matches we’ve had, he’s been a big part of our success this year. I never want to say goodbye when somebody leaves because goodbye would be that they’re never coming back. It’s more due to the fact that we have this one show that these things happen."

On the state of the Knockouts division: "The female talent, there’s not a lot of female talent that’s on the level of these girls. Angelina Love was gone for several years and came back and I think she came back better than ever. Madison Rayne was gone for a year and she came back in the best shape of her life after having a baby. There’s only so many women in the world that can compete on this level, and if they can’t compete on the level, it’s not worth having them on the roster. They don’t do the others any favours if they’re not on par with what the Knockouts division has been expected of.

"We have to cycle our girls in and out, until someone can come in like a Taryn Terrell, I’ll say for Taryn to come in and have the kind of matches she’s had with Gail Kim, for somebody that’s newer in female wrestling it doesn’t get much better. She competed blow-to-blow with Gail Kim and held her own and did amazing, that’s what we’re looking for. I would rather refresh characters, but you have to keep the quality of the girls’ wrestling at a certain level or they don’t fit in the Knockouts brand at all."