Monday, December 29, 2014

Change to TNAsylum Comment Policy

Dear TNAsylum Readers,

As part of our new direction, TNAsylum will be moving forward by going back to its roots. In the past, TNAsylum was a place that fostered constructive TNA discussion and debate. It wasn't just a place for TNA fans to praise the company, but also where TNA fans could discuss the strengths, weaknesses, product and direction of the company. We were a site that welcomed dissenting opinion and showed tolerance for it.

Two changes will be made to symbolize this change:
1) We are wiping the slate clean on any prior comment violations. This means if you were suspended or banned from this site, you will be given a second chance. We recognize that people make mistakes, so we want to give everyone involved an opportunity to correct those mistakes and move forward.

Even if you are given a second chance, we will still be enforcing our comment policy. Violating our comment policy will put you right back on the blacklist. Its water under the bridge until that point.

2) We are now allowing Guest Comments. This was a feature from the past that we stopped. We understand that not everyone has the time to sign up for Disqus and want to make a quick comment and move on. Guest Commenting will allow you to do that. Members of this site (with Disqus accounts) have a few more privileges than guest commenters. They won't need prior approval before their comments are published.

Please read our full Comment Policy here.