Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year-End Awards: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our annual Year-End Awards. In Part 1 (which you can read here) we learned who the Best of the X, Knockout of the Year, Tag Team of the Year and other winners were. In part 2, we tackle the big winners (Match of the Year, Most Memorable Moment and MVP of TNA). Let's see who won big this year.

Greatest Rivalry

Runners-Up: Gunner vs James Storm (33%), Bobby Roode vs Money, Power and Respect (14%)

Winner: Bully Ray vs The Carters (47%)

The readers of TNAsylum have really honed in on the storyline between Bully Ray and the Carters this year as they have chosen this rivalry as Great Rivalry. At Lockdown, Dixie Carter hired Bully Ray to be the special referee. Bully ended up turning on Dixie, costing her power and control of the TNA product. When Dixie exacted revenge at Sacrifice by putting Bully through a table, he set his sights on her vowing to put her through a table. This all eventually led to "It happening" in New York.

In second place was the more deserving Gunner vs James Storm feud. Storm got jealous over Gunner who climbed over Storm to get the Feast or Fired briefcase. It led to Storm costing Gunner the World Title following a Last Call. What resulted was an excellent heel turn from Storm, momentum for Gunner and a series of excellent matches between the two. Whether it was these two going at it in the Unlocked Match or James Storm smashing a beer bottle over the head of Gunner's dad, this feud shouldn't be forgotten.

Newcomer of the Year

Runners-Up: Great Sanada (19%), Havok (16%)

Winner: Bram (48%)

This year, many TNA favorites left the company (AJ Styles, Sting, Chris Sabin, Daniels and Kazarian). With that said, we also saw a great influx of new talent in the company; many of which capitalized on the opportunity to make a statement.

The person who made the biggest statement was Bram. Introduced as the former running buddy of Magnus, Bram motivated the former World Champion into regaining his killer instinct. Eventually, Bram started overshadowing Magnus with his intensity and ferocity.

Over the Summer, Bram dubbed himself "The New King of Hardcore." First, he beat Abyss in a series of hardcore matches including Monster's Ball and Stairway to Janice. He then started to focus on other hardcore dinosaurs like Devon, Tommy Dreamer and others. Bram is a guy we definitely need to look out for in the new year.

Match of the Year

Runners-Up: Gunner vs James Storm- Last Man Standing (10%), Slammiversary X Division Ladder Match (7%)

Winner: The Hardys vs Team 3D vs The Wolves- Full Metal Mayhem (56%)

Ever since Slammiversary in Dallas, Texas, the quality of wrestling in TNA jumped. We have seen a series of very strong matches from the Summer in the City. Whether it be Lashley vs Austin Aries, Bobby Roode vs Lashley, the 3-Way X Division Match at Bound For Glory or something else, there has usually been strong in-ring action.

The Match of the Year (as voted on by the readers) was the conclusion of the Tag Title Series between The Wolves, The Hardys and Team 3D. This feud was a revival of the 3-Way feud from 1999-2001 between the latter two teams and Edge/Christian. All three teams went all out and provided great tag team action.

The finale of the feud was TNA's version of Tables, Ladders and Chairs in Full Metal Mayhem. This was a nonstop car wreck where wrestlers crashed and burned on numerous occasions. In the end, The Wolves were able to grab the World Tag Team Title, win the match and win the series.

Most Memorable Moment

Runners-Up: EY wins the World Title (14%), James Storm cashes in Feast or Fired (4%)

Winner: Dixie Carter goes through a table (74%)

With how the awards have gone so far, it should come as no surprise that Dixie Carter going through a table is the Most Memorable Moment. TNA recently ranked this as the Best TNA Moment in their history. While I would definitely dispute that, I will say that it was easily the most memorable one of the year.

The moment was a conclusion of a six-month storyline between Bully Ray and Dixie Carter where Bully vowed to put the TNA President through a table. Dixie Carter turned heel in 2013 and was building heat for the past year. She was the reason so many stars departed TNA. Bully was the anti-hero but you knew he would follow his promise and put her through a table.

It all came down to an in-ring segment where Dixie Carter's bodyguard King Mo, laid out Tommy Dreamer. He got taken down, followed by EC3. Dixie looked to get some wood right there when Rockstar Spud pulled her from the ring.

It looked like they would get away when the TNA locker room cleared and prevented their escape. Rockstar Spud fainted leading to the moment everyone was waiting for. Devon hoisted Dixie up while Bully drove her through a table and off of TV. The reaction of the crowd and the atmosphere of the segment really made this stand out as a deserved Most Memorable Moment Award winner.


Runners-Up: EC3 (28%), Lashley (19%)

Winner: Bobby Roode (34%)

The top three vote-getters in this category were EC3, Lashley and Bobby Roode. EC3 was one of the quickest rising stars this year with victories over the likes of Sting, Kurt Angle and Bully Ray. He stole the show with his buddy relationship with Rockstar Spud and was a central figure in the Bully Ray/Dixie Carter feud.

Lashley returned at Lockdown in a shocking moment and has been pretty much unstoppable since then. He allied with MVP and Kenny King and has been a featured player of the show. On an episode of IMPACT, Lashley defeated Eric Young to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Since that point, he has defeated EY, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Tommy Dreamer and others as champion. He was unstoppable. He would have continued his dominance if it weren't for the MVP of TNA.

That man is Bobby Roode. Roode was the man responsible for sending AJ Styles and Sting from TNA. He captained Team Dixie at Lockdown and was going to win if Bully Ray hadn't crossed him. After defeating Bully in a tables match, he nearly won the World Title before being suspended by MVP (in what we would later learn to be a deceitful tactic to get Roode out of the way). Roode returned during the Summer and was on a path of vengeance.

He went through Kenny King and MVP and targeted the World Champion, Lashley. While he was unsuccessful at No Surrender, he did take Lashley to his limit. Roode's knee gave out which cost him the title. Roode was given another chance at Lashley and capitalized on it, ending Lashley's reign of terror. Roode would become champion for a second time and seal his spot as MVP of TNA.

If there is one person of the TNA roster who epitomizes TNA, it is Bobby Roode. He is a company man who has the presence to carry the company. He often has great matches and intensity for great promos. He is deserving of this award.