Thursday, November 06, 2014

What has been the biggest missed opportunity by TNA over the last decade?

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We kick off by looking back at TNA British Boot Camp 2 and what's been happening so far. A quick run down of the London auditions along with our thoughts on which entrants remind Rich of a young Buff Bagwell! But that’s not why you are tuning in – we move on to the proper TNA section very quickly!

We follow on with the TNA question of the week – what has been the biggest missed opportunity by TNA over the last decade? The team offer up some suggestions which will surprise some and make others question our sanity! Do you agree with Gav, Adam, R2D2 or Chris over their selections of the use of LAX, Aces and 8s, Main Event Mafia or the missing out on Indie stars over ex WWE/ECW talent? Let us know what you think we missed.

We then move on to WWE a quick recap of RAW, the WWE Network debacle in the UK, a look at Damian Sandow and who is going to make up the numbers in the Survivors Series teams. And who do you think will turn heel on the face team?

Unfortunately due to other commitments, Hernandez had to postpone the planned interview but we are planning on having him on next week's show, so if you have any questions for him, please let us know!

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