Wednesday, November 05, 2014

V2 Wrestling Podcast - Making the Grado

Adam from the v2 wrestling podcast here. As most of you know, I run the the v2 wrestling podcast that has been posted here over the last few months and have also contributed some recent interviews to this site.

Anyway, I have noticed that since the debut of this year's TNA Bootcamp 2, there seems to be a groundswell of negativity towards Grado. The reason for this article is not to try and convince you of Grado's star power but to hopefully give you a little insight into why I like him (as a person) so much.

The current Al Snow staged story goes against the spirit of the TNA Bootcamp ideology, but I feel that it shouldn’t be held against Grado himself – lets face it. If you were trying to break into the mainstream, you would take the offer to go with this as well.

Last year, I got to interview Grado for our weekly show and he came over as a really genuine guy. During the interview, he was extremely personable and I defy anyone to listen to the interview and not crack at least one smile! So I contacted JSO about whether the interview would be of interest to TNAsylum and he has kindly agreed to post it.

Hopefully, if you listen, you will understand why I am hoping that he gets a (not “the”) contract at some point.

As a little addition, we also interviewed Nigel McGuiness (Desmond Wolfe) straight afterwards and Grado stuck around for the initial phone call – once again, this is comedy gold!

Please note that both interviews do contain some explicit language! Enjoy!