Friday, November 14, 2014

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Eco Bro
November 12, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Welcome and once again I’d like to thank JSO & Talon for a superb platform here on TNAsylum. Just like TNA likes to shift it’s production & video editing sometimes, this time around, my review will be shortened and to the point. (i.e. My tea rating system will be on hold for the time being.)

- The opening segment with James Storm and his revolution was interesting to say the least. It also felt unique to open a show that didn’t involve Bobby Roode, Lashley, MVP or Kurt Angle. The confrontation with the Wolves ended quickly but I was surprised to see The Feast or Fired briefcase because I (and I’m sure many others) thought the writers had erased it from any future storylines. Abyss coming down and being a part of the faction seems cool but I’m left wondering if he’ll have a makeover too? Perhaps back to Joseph Park(s)? Anyways – new tag champs and new potential story arcs have been created. Superb job.

- Madison Rayne looks to be back in her comfort zone as a heel. But I think the fans were confused as they kept cheering for her when she was blatantly showboating. As always though, Taryn keeps proving why she should be a champion. She always gives everything she’s got and picked up the win with a one armed cutter. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a long feud.

- The Lashley and Kurt Angle confrontation seemed strange. Sure, Lashley wants & deserves his rematch for the title against Bobby Roode but I wouldn’t threaten the guy who has the ability to make big decisions that could make or break your chance of becoming the champion again. Maybe it’s just me. Kurt is good in his position as Director of Wrestling Operations but I hope we get to see him wrestle next year. The world needs to have a chance to see him actually hit the moonsault off the top of the cage.

- I like this angle of Manik trying to get Sheera to join the revolution. It’s believable and humorous at the same time.

- Kenny King’s opening line “In case you don’t know, or in case you’re just slow” was simple yet brilliant. If I ever feel heel’ish, I might have to use it sometime. I’m glad Kenny’s getting some ring time but I just can’t buy into Chris Melendez’ “American Hero” gimmick. King got in a sucker punch which reminded me of this one time in high school but that’s for another time and place. The story continues.

- Next week is Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Havok for the Knockouts championship. This should be a good match but I have a feeling it could be yet another squash. Please surprise us, TNA!

- The Beautiful Bros vs. Knux, Crazzy Steve and Rebel was entertaining. Knux showed his agility once again and has really stepped up his game since the end of the Aces & Eights. Crazzy Steve continues to be a favourite and we saw a lot of anger from Jessie Godderz. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did he say what I thought he said? I’ve mentioned it before how Jessie has the potential to be a glorious heel and the anger he displayed perhaps can solidify that potentiality. I’ve gone cross eyed. And Crazzy Steve with the Tornado DDT for the win!

- EY vs. Tyrus was decent. I like that Tyrus has the opportunity to showcase his heel side as opposed to…erhem…dancing. EY continues to be a fan favorite and choosing to align with Spud will help his cause. Lashley interfered and seems to be on a warpath. But it sure was nice to see A Double come down and challenge him.

- Samuel Shaw and Brittany seem to be up to something. I like them as a scheming/creepy couple. Let’s see more of this.

- Samoa Joe’s in-ring promo wasn’t unlike many of his others. I’m just not convinced of his brutality anymore.

- Bram’s calling out of the Hardcore Dinosaurs in a concrete stairwell was neat. Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be cool to have a match gravitate towards a concrete stairwell? Can he please take out Dreamer and Devon already?

- Gunner showed his Mr. Intensity side vs. Samuel Shaw. The power bomb on the steel steps upped this feud for me. A nice finish with the Hanger 18 on the chairs from Gunner.

- Lashley vs. Austin Aries was what I expected. A Double gave a valiant effort but I think we all knew that no one was going to contain Lashley. The man is a beast.

In conclusion, it sure feels like a show that’s coming to an end. A season finale end, and not a company end. And I’m sure we’re all curious as to what the very last episode on Spike holds. Thanks for reading.

Now I ask. Where do we go from here?