Saturday, November 08, 2014

One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown Results

By Talon
Knockouts Knockdown
November 2014

The show opened with hosts Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme welcoming us to the show. They were interrupted by Rockstar Spud. He revealed that JB and Christy Hemme's services wouldn't be required as there were special hosts in Rockstar Spud and EC3. They brought out and introduced the aspiring TNA Knockouts: Deonna, Havok, KarleePerez, Mia Yim, Veda Scott, Reby, Scarlett and Marti Belle. Spud and EC3 hit on all the girls but only Marti Belle had interest. Spud asked Marti to be his girlfriend, which she agreed.

The matches tonight will be Deonna vs Brooke, Perez vs Taryn Terrell, Havok vs Madison Rayne, Mia Yim vs Brittany, Veda vs Gail Kim, Reby vs Velvet Sky, Scarlet vs Angelina Love and Marti Belle vs ODB. This segment went on way too long. Most of the comedy was brutally bad. I like having the different hook with certain Knockouts having different personalities.

We got a video of the Knockouts Knockdown main event from last year where Gail overcame Mickie James to become Queen of the Knockouts.

Gail Kim defeated Veda Scott with Eat Defeat.

Angelina Love defeated Scarlett.

Reby defeated Velvet Sky when Angelina Love accidentally sprayed Velvet with hairspray.

Madison Rayne defeated Havok with a middle rope Spear.

Taryn Terrell defeated Karlee Perez with the Cutter.

Mia Yim defeated Brittany with a rollup.

Brooke defeated Deonna.

Marti Belle defeated ODB when Rockstar Spud tripped up ODB. Marti revealed that she was using Spud to win the match. ODB and Rockstar Spud had a match of their own because of the finish.

ODB defeated Rockstar Spud with The BAM.

Madison Rayne defeated Marti Belle, Brooke, Mia, Taryn, Reby, Angelina Love, and Gail Kim to win the Gauntlet Match and become new queen of the Knockouts. After the match, Gail Kim came out and crowned Madison.