Friday, November 14, 2014

Female Four

As we near the end of British Boot Camp 2, I want to look back and examine some of the female contestants on the show. Before I do, I want to say hats off to Jeremy Borash and everyone else involved with putting the series together. This season took things to a whole new level, and the format of the show allowed us to get a glimpse of a very, very talented British wrestling scene.

I know some people hated the Grado storyline, but I think it added some fun to the show. I've been familiar with the Scottish lad for a while and I know what he's like in real life. For anyone who knows him, being a part of the show in any capacity was a dream come true for him. I must give credit to the three judges as well. Gail Kim, Samoa Joe and Al Snow played their parts perfectly and really brought an air of importance to the whole process. For me, British Boot Camp 2 has been a home run for TNA. More please next year. Anyway, on to the ladies...

While some of the females on British Boot Camp 2 were interesting to look at, laugh at or listen to, realistically, four women were head and shoulders above the rest and made it to the UK finals at York Hall. In my opinion, if TNA can bag a new TV deal and wants to get serious about propelling the Knockouts Division into the future, they should really consider signing all four of these ladies to contracts. Let's break it down:

The Owens Twins

The Belles of Belfast are not your typical wrestling twins, meaning, these aren't your bubbly, smiley, goody-two-shoes duo. As the girls said, they are tattoos and heavy metal — and providing alternatives to anything WWE has is something TNA should strive to do. At the London auditions, Kasey and Leah showed their weaknesses by botching a few chain moves, but on the flip side, they proved their determination and willingness to grow by repeating the moves over and over until they got them right. Although they still need more experience to get to the big leagues, The Owens Twins have the sort of attitude that wrestling promoters kill for, and TNA might already see that. For me, I'll take Kasey and Leah over Nikki and Brie any day of the week.

Nikki Storm

I might be biased on this one, considering she has been a supporter of Knockout Shots, but I think Nikki Storm was the best female contestant on the show, certainly from a technical standpoint. What also came across was the confidence that Nikki exudes. As someone who truly knows her character, it was funny to see Nikki maintain her heel gimmick even after the judges eliminated her from the show. Don't try and tell me that TNA couldn't use someone with the cockiness and all-around skill of Nikki Storm for the Knockouts Division. Without trying to ruin her on-screen image, I just want to say that Nikki is a polite and humble young woman with a ton of respect for the business, and seeing her get the exposure she did on British Boot Camp 2 was long overdue. Imagine a storyline where Nikki follows Kay Lee Ray to the States to exact her revenge.

Kay Lee Ray

The fiery Glaswegian redhead is not as technically sound as Nikki Storm and doesn't have the marketability of the Owens Twins, but what Kay Lee Ray lacks in those areas, she makes up for in fearlessness. Simply put, I can't think of another woman in WWE or TNA right now who puts her body on the line as much as this Scottish sensation does. While it's not fair to compare Kay Lee Ray to Jeff Hardy, that's who she reminds me of with her daredevil antics. As much as I think Nikki Storm was the better wrestler on the show, it's hard to deny that Kay Lee Ray is the last woman left. There's just something about Kay Lee that makes you want to watch her and when it comes to signing new Knockouts, that's not a bad thing to judge.

Congratulations to all four ladies for carrying themselves well and for gaining the exposure they deserve. Come on, TNA, make this Knockouts writer happy and sign them all to contracts. If you don't, there could be Anarchy in the UK.