Wednesday, November 05, 2014

11/5 IMPACT Wrestling Live Coverage

By Talon
November 5, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle kicked off IMPACT celebrating Roode's title win. They get interrupted by MVP, Lashley and King. MVP eventually challenged Roode to a World Title Match. Kurt and Roode happily accepted. It appears Kurt and Roode are playing into the dissension building between MVP and Lashley over MVP getting the title match.

The Hardys defeated Samoa Joe and Low Ki to earn a tag title shot following a Swanton Bomb/Moonsault on Low Ki. Strong tag team match. This was a fun tournament that highlighted tag team wrestling.

In the back, James Storm continued trying to recruit Davey Richards. He will give him one week for an answer.

Samuel Shaw and Brittany were in the ring running down Gunner. Their make-out session was interrupted by Gunner who goaded Shaw into a fight by calling both of them creepy bastards. Eventually Shaw got the upperhand with the help of Brittany. She handed Shaw his gloves and then he choked out Gunner. Shaw needs a tweak to his character because it currently feels very bush-league. Brittany on the other hand was extremely hot tonight.

A video hyping the debut of Mahabali Shera aired.

Tommy Dreamer and Devon defeated Magnus and Bram in a Hardcore Match following a Dreamer DDT on Magnus. Your typical Attitude Era hardcore match. Kinda sad to see Dreamer pin Magnus. The downward spiral continues. At least Bram was protected.

Rockstar Spud came out and delivered a promo where he defended himself and his style. He said he would have done anything for the Carters but now he feels that EC3 is a wanker. He gets interrupted by EC3 and Tyrus who say that he owes everything to him. EC3 wanted him to apologize but Spud refused. Jeremy Borash got involved which resulted in him getting slapped down. Eric Young came out and saved them. Spud is a good babyface character. EC3 has been good but I preferred him in the comedy role. This looks to be setting up some sort of tag team rematch between the two teams.

Gail Kim and Havok came out for their championship match but brawled ringside before it even began. This led to Havok throwing Gail off the stage onto her injured shoulder. Paramedics came out and checked on Gail. Jeremy Borash was about to call the match off but Gail stopped him and said the match would go on. Shows great intensity and guts for Gail.

Havok defeated Gail Kim to retain the title after catching Gail with the Chokeslam. Gail got a few nearfalls. She played the underdog role very well. Looks like the Knockouts will need another babyface to step up to Havok.

Mahabali Shera was shown sitting down getting ready to eat when Manik introduced himself being overly friendly. Manik asked Shera to tell him more about himself. Hmm, where is this going?

MVP was getting ready for his main event match when Lashley packed up his bags to leave. There is definitely issues there.

Bobby Roode defeated MVP to retain the World Title following the Roode Bomb. It was a solid match. Afterwards, Lashley came out and Speared Roode. MVP wanted a hand up but Lashley left him in the ring.