Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

By Talon
November 12, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The Revolution opened up IMPACT calling out Davey Richards. The Wolves answered. Davey finally turned down James Storm's offer. The Revolution beat down The Wolves afterwards. Storm revealed his tag team title Feast or Fired case and started the match. Abyss came out as the newest pledge of The Revolution. He hits the Black Hole Slam and he and Storm win the tag team titles. Hot opening to IMPACT. Abyss is an interesting addition to the Revolution.

Taryn Terrell defeated Madison Rayne with the Cutter. Solid match. Both ladies worked hard.

Backstage, Manik played up his friendship with Mahabali Shera. He wanted to introduce him to a very powerful person.

Kenny King came out for a promo. He called out Chris Melendez, who obliged and came to the ring with Mr. Anderson. King called Melendez a fraud. Mr. Anderson stuck up for him. King said Anderson was like Santa Clause because as a role-model, they don't exist. King slapped Anderson and then quickly bailed from the ring.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell approached Kurt Angle backstage. Both girls wanted their hands on Havok. He announced a 3-Way Knockouts title match next week.

In a 3-on-Elimination Match, The Menagerie defeated The Bromans (Jessie and DJ Z) and The Beautiful People. Rebel first pinned Angelina Love with a rollup. DJ Z pinned Knux when Jessie held Knux's knee. Crazzy Steve then quickly rolled up DJ Z. Velvet eliminated Rebel with In Yo Face after interference from Angelina Love. Steve pinned Velvet Sky while making out with her. Steve then won the match with the Killing Joke Tornado DDT.

Backstage, James Storm was hyping up his Revolution when Manik and Mahabali Shera showed up. Storm spit in the hand of Shera and told Manik to get him out of here. As they were leaving, Storm whispered something to Manik.

Eric Young defeated Tyrus with the Top Rope Elbow. EC3 tried to interfere but Rockstar Spud stopped him. After the match, Lashley came out and attacked both Eric Young and Spud. He attacked EY's arm with a chair, locking in a Crossface. Austin Aries came out and made the save. Aries challenged Lashley to a match.

Backstage, Brittany told Samuel Shaw that Gunner came onto her. Shaw left stewing while Brittany was smiling.

X Division Champion, Samoa Joe headed to the ring. Joe said he was not medically cleared to compete for quite awhile. Because of what the X Division Title stands for, he is relinquishing the X Division Championship. Joe said he would eventually get better and whoever is wearing the title, he is coming for them. Next week it will be Low Ki, Tigre Uno, Manik and DJ Z for the vacant title. Interesting development.

Gunner defeated Samuel Shaw in a No Disqualification Match after hitting the Hangar 18 onto a pile of chairs. There was a lot of interference from Brittany. Another hardcore match in the long line of them recently. There were a number of fun spots. This should conclude this story so both men can move on.

Lashley vs Austin Aries went to a draw when both men were counted out. Back and forth match. After the match, Lashley continued the assault, locking Aries in the Crossface. I like the more ruthless side of Lashley. Nobody is going to be able to control him and he wants his title back.