Wednesday, October 01, 2014

v2 Wrestling - Would you reset storylines for TNA's move to a new network?

Welcome back to another edition of the v2 Wrestling podcast. We kick off by looking back at last week's question of whether or not Jim Ross would be the best ex WWE free agent that TNA could sign to make a difference to ratings.

The TNA section then moves on to a discussion around Kurt Angle's recent retirement comments, a quick look at some of the highlights from last week's Impact (by gawd, Knux?) and the BFG card, and then on to the question of the week:

If you were in charge of TNA, would you hit the reset button for the debut on the new network in January? In other words, would you carry on the feuds that are currently on the go, or just start afresh? If you keep the current storylines, which one feud would you get rid of?

We then move on to WWE and the events of RAW. We look at the fantastic debut of future Hall of Famer, Hornswoggle/ Gator. We discuss Seth Rollins' evening before turning our attention to some of the good things on the show such as Ziggler, Cesaro and Sandow, of course. We finally turn our attention to the charisma vacuum known as Sheamus. Our second question of the week is "How would you repackage Sheamus to make him even remotely interesting?"

And after another of Adam's famous mix up of words, we move on to the final question which involves, who would be your favourite farming based gimmick? Can you beat Barley Race?

If you want to answer any of these questions, please email us at the address below or contact us through Twitter or Facebook. See you next week!

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