Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Jason Blade
October 22, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

- I like "The King of Hardcore" gimmick for Bram. Although the hardcore scene (and maybe even the word itself) is a little passe, Bram brings an intensity and, dare I say, a ferocity to TNA, that he's the perfect person to play this gimmick. With the right care, Bram could be a headliner at some point next year.

- Just like the recent Tag Team Title series, I love the idea of the Tag Team Tournament. There is something about these concepts that help legitimise championships and build up the importance of wins and losses. As TNA tries to re-establish the value of their belts, more of these concepts are a good move in my book. The icing on the cake, however, is the combination of teams being put together. While there are teams we'd expect like The Hardys and MVP and Kenny King, we're also getting ones we wouldn't expect -- and my personal favourite is Samoa Joe and Low Ki. If we're going to talk about things that are legit, there may be none more legit than the pairing of these two X Division bad asses.

- I love Havok but she's been making such short work of the Knockouts roster that before long, she's going to run out of people to destroy. This is something that TNA might want to keep an eye on. Still, the Knockouts Division is definitely going the right direction compared to years gone by. I'm hoping that 2015 brings more new faces and more attention from creative towards the girls.

- The confrontation between James Storm and Davey Richards was interesting... very interesting. And how long before Mr. Anderson turns on Chris Melendez?

- I like that we're seeing more of Rockstar Spud in the ring, and he came off like a star against EC3 and Tyrus. While some people hate that TNA signed another WWE "reject" in Tyrus, I'm perfectly happy to wait and see how they use him. WWE pretty much squandered EC3 when they had him, and look how he has blossomed in TNA.

- The pairing of Brittany and Samuel Shaw is definitely a Knockout Shots approved storyline. Anything that gets more Brittany on my TV is a great move, and both performers are so awesome at playing their characters that this pairing could produce some exciting scenarios. Samuel Shaw is someone I'd like to see get taken care of a little more, because I think that by the time his feud with Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme had ended, his character had been mocked to the point of being a comedy act. It's been done before in other places, but a Mickey and Mallory Knox type gimmick (from the movie "Natural Born Killers") might just be what these two need.

- And finally, we had the World Title contract signing to end the show. These things can be so overdone in wrestling, but this was a good segment and it had that big fight feel to it that all World Title matches should have. While TNA isn't blowing anyone away with groundbreaking new things at the moment, they seem to be honing in on the things that work and if or when they get a new TV deal, they should have a good grasp on what kind of product they want to deliver. For me, I think a realistic "sports type" feel to matches coupled with some straightforward storylines and interesting characters is the way to go. This past week was a fairly good showcase of both.