Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Do you think that any TNA wrestlers will be considered "legends" if they don't have a major run in WWE?

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We kick off by looking back at last week's TNA questions of whether TNA should consider resetting all of the current feuds going on in favour of new ones for their new network. Most people were in agreement that the only feud worth continuing was the James Storm one.

The TNA section then moves on to a discussion started on the forum around wrestlers' legacies and if any TNA wrestlers could be considered “legends” if they haven’t wrestled in WWE. The conversation brings up the usual suspects of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and even the Wolves.

And this is our question of the week: Do you think that any current or past TNA wrestlers will be considered legends of the industry, if they don’t have a major run in WWE? We finish off with a discussion around last week's main event of Kim vs Havok – should women be main eventing?

We then move on to WWE and the events of RAW. We start off by answering the second question of last week is "How would you repackage Sheamus to make him even remotely interesting?" Unfortunately, no one came up with any good ideas, bar a vampire or Victorian ghost. The main discussion points revolve around the Rock's return and the unbelievability of Dean Ambrose's current gimmick.

And this leads on to our WWE question of the week – As Ambrose went stereorypical with a local gimmick (the Coney Island hot dog stand), we ask which city and local gimmick would you like to see Ambrose turn up with next week? We finish off by having a discussion started on the forum about whether feuds need a title on the line to be main event.

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