Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/22 IMPACT Wrestling Live Coverage

By Talon
October 22, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The Hardys defeated Jessie and DJ Z to advance in the tag team tournament following the Twist of Fate/Swanton Combo. The Hardys were the logical choice for this tournament. Match was okay and logical.

Bram came out and called himself the "new King of Hardcore." He gets off on breaking the bodies of others. Devon came out for an impromptu fight. Security eventually came out and separated them. Kurt Angle came out and announced the two would go at it in a hardcore match.

Backstage, Brittany approached Samuel Shaw. She said she would really like it if Shaw did what she asked him to do. Interesting little segment.

Samoa Joe and Low Ki defeated Samuel Shaw and Gunner to advance in the tag team tournament. Brittany came out during the match and spoke to Shaw. While the ref was distracted, Brittany grabbed Gunner's leg allowing Joe to lock in the Coquina Clutch. After the match, Shaw attacked Gunner with a steel chair while Brittany distracted him. Looks like the Gunner/Shaw partnership is over while the Brittany/Shaw relationship is just beginning.

Rebel came out for a match with Angelina Love but was instead met by Havok who laid her out. Gail Kim made her return and started to brawl with Havok. Her arm was bandaged. The two fought outside the ring until TNA officials separated the two.

Bram defeated Devon in a hardcore match following interference from Magnus. Typical plunder match. The match didn't need interference as Bram could have used a clean win over Devon.

Mr. Anderson recruited Chris Melendez as his tag partner tonight against MVP and Kenny King tonight.

MVP and Kenny King defeated Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez after King rolled up Sarge using the tights. Mediocre match.

James Storm confronted Davey Richards backstage. He started talking about his revolution. He had Manik talk to him. Looks like he is recruiting Richards for his revolution. Interesting hook.

Tyrus and EC3 defeated Rockstar Spud and Eric Young to advance in the tag team tournament. It took some trash-talking by EC3 for Spud to step up as EY's partner. Tyrus ended up pinning Spud with a Chokeslam. This was the best match of the show so far. Spud is a great underdog. The highlight was Spud's flip-dive from the top onto his two opponents.

There was a contract signing with Bobby Roode and Lashley. After Roode and MVP exchanged words, Kurt Angle announced that he would be the special referee to make this match had a decisive finish. MVP didn't like that and told his boys to leave. Lashley signed the contract despite this. It was a very nice hook for next week's major title match. Roode, Angle and Lashley all looked good in prep for next week.

This show closed with a solid segment but there really wasn't anything before that to bite into. TNA feels like a lame-duck product for now. Hopefully next week's main event puts some buzz back into the product.