Wednesday, October 01, 2014

10/1 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

October 1, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Austin Aries came out to announce which champion he wants to face, but Samoa Joe interrupted and swayed Aries into picking him. This led to an X Division title match.

Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries with the rear naked choke to retain the X Division Title. Actions speak louder than words, but they still squeezed in a few words to give it an instant big-match feel. I like that both guys wanted to fight each other for all the right reasons. They delivered some hard-hitting offense and were given plenty of time to showcase their skills.

Rockstar Spud tried to apologize to EC3, but EC3 turned his back and told Spud to follow him to the ring.

The Wolves revealed their tag title stipulation to Kurt Angle, and Kurt reacted by calling it the "Match of the Year."

EC3 bullied Rockstar Spud and blamed him for Dixie Carter going through a table. Eric Young came out and encouraged Spud to stand up for himself. EC3 hit a cheap shot on EY, leading to a match between the two.

EC3 defeated Eric Young following a low blow and the One Percenter. It looks like TNA is solidifying EC3 as a major villain. I like that Eric Young gave a pep talk to Spud because he can relate — that was a seamless anti-bullying thing. The match was all right, but the "friendship" between EC3 and Spud has now changed into a different dynamic.

Gail Kim came out to defend the Knockouts Title, but Havok jumped her from behind and fought with Gail outside the ring. There was no bell to start the match, and Havok injured Gail's shoulder before the trainer came out to check on Gail.

The Wolves, The Hardys and Team 3D came out for a promo and talked about setting a legacy in tag team wrestling. The teams got into a brawl before the Wolves announced Full Metal Mayhem as the final match in the series. Great segment. The Wolves were fired up when the Hardys and 3D ran them down, and then the crowd exploded with "TLC" chants for the match announcement. Full Metal Mayhem should be insane — Match of the Year, for sure!

MVP and Kenny King came face-to-face with Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez. Anderson and MVP agreed to wrestle each other.

Gail Kim was told that she had a separated shoulder, but still wanted to fight Havok for the Knockouts Title.

Manik defeated Shark Boy with a frog splash. Always cool to see Sharkie back every now and then. Manik looks and wrestles like a luchador now, but with a different mystique. Manik is finally Manik, not just a simple name change.

MVP defeated Mr. Anderson with a rollup following a distraction from Kenny King and Sarge. Eh, the match was so-so. I'm not buying into this storyline yet, but I guess time will tell. At least TNA is moving away from the pomp and circumstance for Sarge by pairing him with Anderson.

Bobby Roode called out Lashley and asked him for one more shot. MVP declined on Lashley's behalf and they left the ring to end the segment. Roode's determination and maturity stood out here. In the past, he would turn selfish and yell "Fluke" when he lost the title, but this time he calmly asked for a rematch face-to-face. MVP's reaction was a nice touch to point out that Lashley is still human after all.

Havok defeated Gail Kim with a chokeslam to win the Knockouts Title. Kudos to TNA for treating this like a huge deal and giving it the main event slot. Havok is truly the "Death Machine" the way she's demolished Gail and the Knockouts roster (and a few security guards) in the past month. Great start to the Bethlehem shows.