Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Masayuki Kono becomes the first Wrestle-1 champion

Keiji Mutoh has revealed the bracket for a 16-man tournament to crown the first Wrestle-1 champion. First-round matches will take place from September 21st-23rd, with the finals slated for October 8th at Korakuen Hall (four days prior to TNA Bound For Glory in the same venue).

First Round (September 21st & 22nd)

- Kai defeated Manabu Soya with the Splash Plancha.
- Akira defeated Ryota Hama with a Schoolboy Rollup.
- Masakatsu Funaki defeated Tajiri with the Sleeper Hold.
- Shuji Kondo defeated Kaz Hayashi with the King Kong Lariat.
- Minoru Tanaka defeated Daiki Inaba with the Fireball Splash.
- Masayuki Kono defeated Jiro Kuroshio with the Shining Wizard.
- Hiroshi Yamato defeated Seiki Yoshioka with the Fisherman Buster.
- Yusuke Kodama defeated Yasufumi Nakanoue with the Corkscrew Moonsault.

Quarterfinals (September 23rd)

- Kai defeated Minoru Tanaka with the Splash Plancha.
- Masakatsu Funaki defeated Akira with the Hybrid Blaster.
- Shuji Kondo defeated Hiroshi Yamato with the King Kong Lariat.
- Masayuki Kono defeated Yusuke Kodama with the Figure Four Leglock.

Semifinals (October 8th)

- Kai defeated Shuji Kondo with the Splash Plancha
- Masayuki Kono defeated Masakatsu Funaki with the Giant Knee.

Finals (October 8th)

- Masayuki Kono defeated Kai with the Shining Wizard to become the first W-1 champion.