Saturday, October 26, 2013

AJ Styles to Tour the Globe?

Earlier today, TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles posted the following in regards to his plans for the future:

@AJStylesOrg : "Really looking forward to defending my title around the world. No worries, I'll bring the belt to you."

It should be noted that a few weeks ago TNA's Japanese partner Wrestle-1 announced that two TNA talents would be on their November 16th show. In addition, TNA also has relationships with Mexico's AAA promotion as well as WWL in Puerto Rico.

Reaction: I'm not sure where AJ is planning to wrestle in the future or where TNA is planning to send him to wrestle. However, this could be a chance for AJ to increase his own and TNA's global popularity if the cards are played right. I'd have to presume that he would be one of the talents that is going to Wrestle-1 for their show. I don't think AJ will be doing too many American indies as that has little benefit to both TNA and AJ unless this period was used to scout some of the top independent talents we see today. My best bet is that AJ works a couple of shows in the UK and does the Japan tour. I wonder how long they will have him tour before eventually bringing him back. Hopefully they capitalize on this opportunity and TNA gets some great talent out of this and raises the prestige of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship as well as make this storyline more interesting.