Friday, September 06, 2013

One Night Only Knockout Knockdown Review

Knockouts Knockdown
September 2013
Orlando, Florida
The Knockouts gather in the ring. Brooke Hogan comes out and announces that a new "Queen of the Knockouts" will be crowned. We will have a series of singles matches with the winners advancing to a Gauntlet Match. The winner of that match will win the crown.

-Gail Kim defeated Alissa Flash to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Lei'D Tapa defeated Ivelisse to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Tara defeated Mia Yim to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Brooke Tessmacher defeated Santana to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-ODB defeated Trinity to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Jackie Moore defeated Taryn Terrell to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Hannah Blossom defeated Sojo Bolt and Taeler Hendrix to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Velvet Sky defeated Jillian Hall to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Mickie James defeated Serena Deeb in a very good match to advance to the Gauntlet Match.

-Gail Kim defeated Mickie James in the finals of the Gauntlet Match when she faked an injury. The Gauntlet also involved Lei'D Tapa, Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, ODB, Jackie Moore, Hannah Blossom and Velvet Sky. After the match, Madison Rayne came out and put the tiara on the head of Gail Kim to become Queen of the Knockouts. Gail shooed Madison out of the ring immediately so she could celebrate.

PPV Review

The One Night Only specials really are a window into what TNA could be. Each of the shows have had a theme as well as a number of special guests; many of which I would love to see signed by TNA. The Knockouts Knockdown show did that for the Knockouts Division.

I have been an advocate of getting new blood into TNA, mostly in the Knockouts Division. Over the past year, TNA has gone through all the major rivalries. The new face of the division in Taryn Terrell is now sidelined for personal reasons. The division is pretty much down to five girls (two of which are playing the role of a “valet” of sorts with one of the male stars. In the end (brother) TNA needs new faces for the Knockouts Division.

We got a good look at many potential Knockouts and many Knockouts who aren’t ready for the spot. Let me just say that this wasn’t a blowaway PPV by any means. Only one match really went to the next level while the others were very solid. This PPV only cost 15$ so that is acceptable.

There was a lot of filler on the show. TNA needed to fill time by airing major moments in Knockout history. We saw the ending of the first ever Knockouts Title Match, the ODB-EY wedding, Tessmacher winning the Knockouts Title, Mickie James winning the KO Title, BFG 2012 with Jessie debuting and a lot more. As someone who has seen all of these moments multiple times, I was bored during these segments. There have been a few times on these ONO shows where TNA has needed to fill time. This was probably the worst PPV for that. TNA could have added one or two more matches if they had talent available.

Gail Kim vs Alissa Flash was a solid opener. I was a HUGE fan of Flash in 2009 when she debuted as herself for the company. Alissa Flash of 2013 was a completely different person. Her hair color was different and her body was different. She was a lot leaner during this show. As someone who really liked Flash (including her look) years ago, I was disappointed to see the change here. She is still gorgeous however.

Ivelisse vs Lei’D Tapa was a fun match. Out of all the talent on this show, I think Ivelisse needs to be signed the most. She is hot, has a fiery attitude and has great ring skills. She could offer something great to the Knockouts Division. I enjoy her MMA background and really think that could add to her character.

Lei’D Tapa still has to work on her ring skills but I definitely see something unique in her. Her size, background and look could really make her stand out. She reminds me of Awesome Kong in her character. TNA might have something on their hands if they can package and present her correctly. Tonight, with the botched side slam, wasn’t a good start.

Tara vs Mia Yim was another solid match. Yim got a lot of great offense on Tara and impressed me with her high flying maneuvers. I liked that Corkscrew Maneuver she attempted before falling victim to the Widow’s Peak. I miss Tara as she was a great personality. I love when she vocalizes the action during her matches.

Brooke Tessmacher vs Santana was very blah for me. I did not get a good impression of Santana here. Her Rope Spring Moonsault was impressive but she was very cardboard in her movements. I liked seeing Brooke again. She has a cute spunk about her, especially when she is making her entrance.

ODB vs Trinity was an okay match. I am surprised TNA didn’t play up Trinity’s history with the company more. By the way, Taz was HORRIBLE during this show. He couldn’t pronounce anyone’s name right and made a joke of everything. That would be a good budget cut right there TNA!

Jackie Moore vs Taryn Terrell was another solid match. The match really made me miss Taryn. While I am happy if she was pregnant, I am disappointed that I won’t see her on my TV for awhile.

I enjoyed the 3-Way Match. Hannah Blossom and her twin sister Holly would be a good character. They got that whole sweet demeanor about them. It’s very unique! I think she is ready to be brought up.

Velvet Sky vs Jillian Hall was okay. TNA played up Hall’s history as a Britney Spears copycat with the horrible singing shtick. The match was short so I had no problem with it.

The best match of the night was Mickie James vs Serena Deeb. They had some really good technical wrestling early on and told a really good story. I liked the whole respect turned into frustration narrative of the match.

The Battle Royal was okay but nothing special. I have seen a lot of Gauntlet Matches recently and I don’t remember anything about this match that will stick out. It makes sense that Gail would be crowned queen of the knockouts as her being first Knockouts Champion would slingshot her into that spot. Her interaction with Madison Rayne (who I also miss) was a comedic way to end the show.

The Knockouts Division needs new blood and there are a few different faces that I could see filling those spots. In order I would say first sign Ivelisse. She is unique and could fit right in. Sign Serena Deeb, Mia Yim and Alissa Flash as well. I would also eventually bring up Blossom and Lei’D Tapa when they are ready. That is more than enough blood to shake up the division.

In a perfect world, TNA could have done what they originally intended with this show by bringing in former Knockouts. I would have loved to see Angelina Love, Roxxi, Winter, Traci and Awesome Kong during the show but that was just not meant to be. I think what we got as a substitute with the names we saw tonight was a great alternative.

Overall, it was a solid display of women’s wrestling. This wasn’t the best ONO special but we got some solid wrestling and intros to a number of different faces. I hope this show opens up TNA’s eyes for what they need.