Saturday, December 01, 2012

Even More On TNA's PPV Schedule

While it was previously reported that February's Against All Odds PPV was dropped from the lineup, I have heard that the PPV will likely be retained and used in April or May. The two PPVs that have been dropped are the Victory Road PPV and the No Surrender PPV. As of right now, TNA plans on running ten PPVs in 2013.

So as of right now, the PPV schedule for 2013 looks to be:
-Genesis (January)
-Lockdown (March)
-Against All Odds (April/May)
-Sacrifice (April/May)
-Slammiversary (June)
-Destination X (July)
-Hardcore Justice (August)
-Bound For Glory (October)
-Turning Point (November)
-Final Resolution (December)