Saturday, August 04, 2012

Rumor: TNA To Be Sold?

There is a major rumor going around that the mother of Dixie Carter, Janice Carter is threatening to shut the company down or sell it if costs aren't cut. Apparently, there is some sort of connection between the renegotiations of talent contracts and this story. Its noted that Dixie Carter doesn't agree with her mother in this situation.

The Verdict: First of all, I received like three emails this morning asking about this story. I haven't heard anything regarding this story. I have not read the original story and will not.

With that said, the source of this rumor is the same site that stated that there was a civil war in TNA between Bischoff/Hogan and Jeff Jarrett. They also had a story about Spike TV being interested in buying TNA. No other major websites covered these stories and in the long run, nothing happened with them. At this point, until a major wrestling website such as PWInsider reports this, take the rumor with a grain of salt.