Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jay's Way- Special Edition

In honor of TNAsylum's 2-Year Anniversary, Justin Watry requested to write a special one-time column to discuss recent happenings. We have come to terms on a one-time column that fits the brand of TNAsylum and its readers.

With all the recent news surrounding TNA, I just had that "itch" to write about my thoughts on the product heading into the summer. Good or bad, this is going to be seen as a major time period in the history of the company. That can not be understated for wrestling fans around the world.

Anthony Nese Released
Let's start with a small story and work our way up to the big newsbite. Nese wanted to work an iPPV, while TNA did not allow that. Nese asked for his releases, since he was not even being used anyways. In my mind, this is no harm, no foul. The man was signed last year, did nothing, and wanted out. Everything seemed to be handled in a professional manner, so both parties came out looking good. As many have stated, it does seem pointless to sign someone and rarely use them. However, it is all in the past now. I wish him well and maybe a TNA return someday is not out of the question.

New Concepts/Announcements for Impact

The "reality show" aspect is a nice idea. Right or wrong, TNA is always trying new and innovative concepts. The Fight Night gimmick seems pointless, as there are title matches thrown out on TV anyways. Hulk Hogan is at the head of the entire project (picking the challengers), so that is always a road block to get past. All in all, it is a quality idea to keep up. Seeing Alex Silva hired, only to do nothing for two weeks now certainly starts it off on the wrong foot. Not sure what that was all about. Next up is the TV title must be defended every week. Honestly, I think most fans saw this as something that would not last. As great as the idea is (and it should have happened a long time ago), it is already over. Devon was in a battle royal, and you can chalk up another TNA concept forgotten in less than a month. Here is to hoping they get things back on track!

Brooke Hogan Signs with TNA

One step forward, two steps backwards.

We all know why she was hired. We all know. Anybody trying to say otherwise is inaccurate. I am mildly interested to see her crowd reaction in a few weeks. Other than, this signing reminds me of Bubba the Love Sponge, Nasty Boyz, and many others in 2010. Everybody already knows what they are doing in TNA, so it is going to be an uphill battle for acceptance.

The worst part of this signing is TNA had positive momentum. For the first time in months, the buzz around Impact was great! Sacrifice (didn't see it) seemed to be a nice pay-per-view. Fans have been vocal in the Impact Zone. Even ratings have gone up a little in recent weeks! Everything was actually going just fine...

...until somebody decided to announce the Brooke Hogan signing.

Whoever is in charge of this division of operations should be ashamed of themselves. They had to know the reaction to this news. There was no way TNA was going to keep their momentum going after this. Sure enough, the signing was announced, and the negativity around TNA was back.

Even worse than that, it made Scott Steiner look credible. The man is bitter. The man is "washed up." The man is likely crazy. Now, he also be right about his posts online.

Impact Moving an Hour Earlier

This will do harm to ratings. I understand the thought process to avoid competition, but there will ALWAYS be other hit shows on. That is no longer an excuse. When Jersey Shore is off, people blame to NBA. When that is over, people will point to the CBS line-up. When those are re-runs, people will talk about the NFL ratings. When that is off, people will point to whatever else is on. Add on summer months being low rated, the hour move will not do much (if not hurt) numbers.

Impact Going Live May 31st!

This was a much needed move. I applaud this move, as it shows the company is back to having support from Spike TV. No matter what show you are, if your network is not on your side, you are doomed to fail eventually.

TNA is about to step up. No more edits. No more re-shoots. No more canned noise. This is going to be a big move for the company. You could even argue this means more than their move to Monday nights in 2010. That was destined to fail. THis has a chance to mean something in a few months.

If ratings improve for the summer, this will become permanent. If not, I really do not see what else is left to try.

They moved from Saturday to Thursday. They moved time slots. They signed major talents. They went two two hours in prime-time. They tried signing even BIGGER names. They tried going to mondays (taped and live). They tried new concepts. They are now trying another new timeslot and going live. There are no more rabbits to pull out the hat. This may be the final "major" announcement left to make.

While I doubt ratings move (they rarely do), it is going to be a huge summer for the company. While the Slammiversary show is all but being forgotten about with this change, it is going to be a big day for the company on May 31st. The only day bigger for this company will be the next day...when the television rating is released.

I thank you for the time and appreciate the support.

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