Saturday, April 14, 2012

FYE: Plans for Taking IMPACT On The Road

According to The Wrestling Observer, TNA has no plans to tape Impact Wrestling on the road in the near future, and heading into the summer months the plan is to tape all TV at the Impact Zone in Orlando.

The report is noting that the inability to move ratings coupled with the high production costs is what's keeping TNA from taping more shows on the road.

Talon's Take:
Wouldn't it be funny if TNA announced a road taping over the next few weeks? People ask all the time that if TNA is making a profit, then why can't they tape on the road more? I believe they are making a profit, but not enough of a profit to be able to afford road tapings without the help of Spike TV. Without increases in ratings, I don't see why Spike would fork over the money to bring IMPACT on the road.