Thursday, March 01, 2012

Quick IMPACT Wrestling Spoilers for March 15

- Main Event for March 8th: Jeff Hardy & Garett Bischoff defeated Gunner & Kurt Angle. Hardy hit the Swanton on Angle for the win.

- James Storm challenges Bully Ray but Ray says that he has another opponent for Storm. Gunner comes out and gets into it with the Cowboy.

- Crimson defeated Samoa Joe

- Austin Aries cuts a promo celebrating the longest X-Divsion title reign in history. Zema Ion confronts him and there was somewhat champagne involved or whatever...

- Mr. Anderson def. Daniels with the Mic Check. Daniels was busted open during the match.

- Gail Kim defeated Mickie James

- Beat the clock challenge (5 minutes): Kurt Angle vs Garett. Angle dominated him throughout the match but didn't suceed.

- James Storm defeated Gunner

- Contract signing for Victory Road between Sting and Roode closed the show. Roode cut a promo while Sting just listened to him. Sting then became mad again, destroyed the furniture, layed out Roode and put the facepaint on Roode and himself.

- Xplosion: Kazarian defeated Eric Young

Credit to Wrestling Forum