Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Taping Results (For 12/29 and 1/05 IMPACT)

The order of these spoilers have been rearranged for recognition purposes

December 29th IMPACT Wrestling Taping
-Zema Ion defeated Anthony Nese in a Contract on a Pole Match in their Best of 3 Series. Zema will now face Austin Aries at Genesis for the X Division Title.

January 5th IMPACT Wrestling Taping
-We get a promo with Sting and Jeff Hardy where Sting compares his history of demons to Jeff Hardy's. They are interrupted by Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle. Roode complains about Sting showing favoritism by giving the screwup Jeff Hardy a title shot. They end up getting interrupted by James Storm and Abyss who talk about their matches with Angle and Bully Ray at Genesis. Sting sets up a Six Man Tag for later in the show.

-Zema Ion and Jesse Sorensen defeated Austin Aries and Kid Kash when Sorensen pinned Aries with his Whiplash maneuver.

-Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated Traci Brooks and Mickie James.

-Gunner fought Rob Van Dam to a No Contest. Afterwards Gunner and RVD brawled. Gunner was about to Piledrive RVD onto the concrete but the agents broke things up.

-In the finals of the Wildcard Tag Team Tournament, Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated AJ Styles and Kazarian when Magnus pinned AJ. Christopher Daniels came out during the match which distracted Kazarian to where he missed a tag from AJ.

-Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle fought Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Abyss to a No Contest. After the match, the heels (Roode and Angle) locked Hardy and Storm in their respective submission moves while Bully Ray hung Abyss with a chain from the apron.

-Robbie E defeated Shannon Moore.

Thanks to TNAsylum Reader, Dylan for emailing these results.