Monday, June 06, 2011

Talon's Take

Good Monday TNAsylum, let's get into it!

-With Slammiversary being this Sunday, I am completely disappointed with how TNA (or rather IMPACT Wrestling) has handled their 9 Year Anniversary. There has been pretty much no mention of TNA's History towards the buildup of this show. A few years back TNA would show highlights from previous Slammiversary shows. I would expect something like that or maybe clips of the best moments from the company's history, but that has been a no.

While I will save my official PPV thoughts for Friday's Slammiversary Preview, I want to say that while the show has a somewhat major buildup, this doesn't feel like a prestigious event. Slammiversary should be a MAJOR show every year. Its like the SummerSlam to their Wrestlemania. Its the company's birthday and yet there has been no spectacle to it. It will be held in the good ol Impact Zone which makes the PPV seem like a Special Edition of IMPACT. 

This has been the second year they have done this. While I don't care to see King of the Mountain return, I am hoping next year they do the show outside of Orlando and maybe make the PPV feel more special.

-So both Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer are on the way out of the company. This might be the beginning of some rumored roster cuts and in a way I think its a good start. I don't care to see anyone lose their job. I also realize because the wrestlers are on a per appearance contract, that TNA doesn't save any money letting guys go. However TNA Creative is compelled to give everyone on their roster something to do. The company just doesn't have the tv time to give everyone something to do. I would add Foley and Dreamer to a list of guys I expect to be released (for the reason that they aren't doing anything right now) like Devon (move him backstage), Murphy, Rob Terry, Orlando Jordan, Okada,  Hernandez, and Anarquia. The latter two guys are dangerous in the ring and aren't safe enough to be working on the TV Scene. Overall you would be cutting around 9 different guys, which makes a big difference. Scott Steiner was also recently in contract negotiations but I would like him to stick around.

-One guy who everyone wants released but will likely not be is Vince Russo. Russo is an asset to IMPACT Wrestling and while not currently fitting a role that will utilize his skills in the best way, is liked by those within TNA. Should he ever leave the head of creative position, I expect his job to go to his protege, Matt Conway. Conway has been working with Russo since about 2009 and has been on creative before that time. I highly doubt that Conway would be drastically different than Vince Russo is.

This is why its Paul Heyman's fault and not TNA's that he isn't part of the company. If you want to fix the creative problem, it is done by addition rather than subtraction. TNA needs a wrestling mind as an editor or filter to Vince Russo. When that happens, the creative direction will take a very positive turn. One man I had in mind to be that filter was Kevin Sullivan, who I believe applied for a position last year and even planned out the storylines long term. 

-One statement that Mick Foley recently made about Vince Russo's booking is that he tries to do multiple 85-Yard Touchdown passes when only one would suffice (paraphrasing). This is also one of my major gripes about the show. I like thought-provoking storylines and depth to my storylines, but we don't need 8 storylines happening on one show at the same time. What this does is water down the storylines you really want to emphasize. Traditional wrestling angles and championship chases are really your buffer for these major storylines.

-I posed the question of whether Additional Programming, Going Live or Taking the Show on the Road would benefit TNA most at this point. I see all three happening sooner rather than later in some form and all three would help the company in different ways. Additional Programming means additional revenue so that might be the first step the company wants to take.

-We are still TNAsylum until further notice. I don't like how inconsistent TNA has been with their rebranding as we have received mixed signals on what the name of the company is. So far my original report detailing the rebranding has been very accurate and I do expect the change to happen sooner rather than later. Until the PPVs drop the TNA Logo, until the posters drop the TNA Logo and until the Website drops the TNA logo, the company is still TNA and not Impact Wrestling.